The Hazards of Christmas Shopping

My daughter, Sunshine, is becoming quite the cartoonist. I thought I would share with you this hilarious rendition of the hazards of Christmas shopping…

Once upon a time in a nearby village, there lived Mr. Snowman. Never one to have his Christmas shopping out of the way by November 2, Mr. Snowman waited until the last minute, once again, to buy that special gift for his beautiful bride, Mrs. Snowman.

At 2:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Mr. Snowman climbed on his horse, Blizzard, and headed for the nearest Sno-Mart. “I’ll see you when you get back, Dawling,” said Mrs. Snowman, as she lovingly looked at her husband. “Ride carefully and don’t forget to pick up some snowcones for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner.”

“Don’t worry, Lovemuffin. I’ll be back before you know it,” said Mr. Snowman. He tightened his scarf and with his treebranch hand, reached for the reins to summon Blizzard on her way.

Mr. Snowman heads to Sno-Mart for some last minute shopping...

Mr. Snowman entered Sno-Mart. He had never seen so many snowmen, women, and children, all going in different directions! “Hmmff,” thought Mr. Snowman. “Why is it that everyone waits until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping?!”
“Attention Sno-Mart shoppers,” said the voice over the loudspeaker. “So that our employees may spend Christmas Eve with their families, Sno-Mart is closing in 12 minutes and 15 seconds. Please bring your purchases to the front counter where your friendly Sno-Mart Associates are waiting to ring up your purchases. And as always, have a Merry Christmas!”
Panicking, Mr. Snowman rushed down the aisles while throwing things into his cart, including the snowcones. Mr. Snowman then focused on a gift for the love of his life.  Finally, he saw it…the most beautiful snowflake necklace he’d ever seen. Hurrying to the jewelry counter, he made his purchase and exited Sno-Mart with 10 seconds to spare.


Being a former first place winner of the SnowUniverse Muscle Man Competition, Mr. Snowman opted to carry all 20 bags of purchases instead of pushing them in a cart.

And then something awful happened. Absent-minded Mrs. Daisy Snowball was jibber-jabbering on her cell phone with her best friend, Margie, and singing Christmas carols at the same time. Her shopping cart was overflowing with enough food to feed a small country, and she could barely see over the top of it. Not that this mattered since her eyes were closed.

Mrs. Daisy Snowball came from the left side of the store. Mr. Snowman came from the right side of the store. And that’s when it happened…Mrs. Daisy Snowball ran smack into poor Mr. Snowman and knocked him off his feet. Sno-Mart bags went everywhere and Mr. Snowman crashed to the ground with a thud. 


From out of nowhere, Mr. Snowman was attacked by an overloaded shopping cart…

Minutes later, Mr. Snowman was rushed to Snow Valley Community Hospital with multiple injuries. 

Mr. Snowman braces himself for his ride to the hospital…


Mr. Snowman spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Night in the hospital. It was there that Mr. Snowman presented his wife with her gift. As the two of them sat eating snowcones in Hospital Room #5284, they realized something important. It didn’t matter where they spent Christmas, as long as they were together. 
True love…


The End 












2 thoughts on “The Hazards of Christmas Shopping

  1. Loved it!!! What a smart cookie you have…it doesn’t matter where you are or any of the other fluff….such a sweet story.

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