Life on a bus – part 2

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

Welcome back! Last time I told the hilarious story of my husband, Lon and I being stuck on a commercial bus for four hours and the types of interesting characters we met while on that bus. If you haven’t read it yet, check out at

And now the continuing saga…

Our bus driver happened to be a jolly fellow with a great sense of a humor. His one downside was that he drove like one competing in the Autobon. It phased him little that his vehicle was longer than three mid-size cars and twice as tall – and that the visibility was nil.

So there we were on a bus with somewhere to go and nothing to do. I tried to go to sleep. Didn’t work. I tried to call someone on my cell phone. No one was home. I tried to read, but I got carsick. I tried to be serious, but it’s not in my nature. I admit, Lon and I did whisper a bit, but that was only to protect the innocent. You see, I had cleverly brought a small spiral tablet along. 

So there I was with my little tablet when I had the most awesome idea. Now, wives, take note. When you are on a long bus trip with your husband, here is a great game to rope him into playing … “The Caricature Game.” 
I thought to myself, why not draw caricatures of the people we were riding with and have Lon guess who they were? I’m not an artist in any sense of the word, but I can draw a downright good smiley face and my comical headshots of people aren’t too bad. (oh, and I did win a contest when I was 4 1/2 years old that landed my drawing on a clothing line through JcPenney!) So time and time again, I drew pictures and time and time again Lon guessed who they were.
the official tablet with my artistic renditions of folks on the bus that day
Lon  is so amazing – You’d never guess that he was such a good picture guesser! He’d look at my drawing and secretly point to the person he thought it was, kind of in a “don’t look now, but…” way. 
After a couple hours of playing that game, it got old and besides, I had drawn everyone on the bus, including Lon, the bus driver, and myself. On to something new…I slid up to the front of the bus to ask the driver if he had any movies we could watch. He smiled at me slyly and said, “Why, yes I do.”

“Great!” I said.

“Here it is.” He reached down into a secret compartment and handed me the movie. I bet you’ll never guess which one it was. If you guessed “Speed,” you win a prize! Yep, we were on a bus going too fast for weather conditions, a suspicious guy in a black trenchcoat just rows ahead of us, and watching “Speed.”

Soon Speed was over and we were in the final phase of our trip.  Hmmm. What other game could I rope Lon into playing to pass the time away? Then I had a great idea. We’d play we’d play one of Lon’s least favorite games. 
If you guessed it, you win! Yep, it’s “What If.” The game drives him crazy, but somehow I convinced him to play it. It’s one of those unique kind of games where you ask someone “What If…” and they have to answer what they would do. One of my questions was “what if you had a 1970s pink station wagon with big purple flowers painted on it, a flat tire, only one seat (the driver’s seat) and it was full of animals…would you drive it to work or would you walk? (Did I mention Lon would never want to be seen in a pink car and that it would take him half a day to walk to work?)
Finally after over four hours, we arrived at our destination. I can’t say I’m eager to embark on another bus ride, but it did make for a fantastic memory!

2 thoughts on “Life on a bus – part 2

  1. Loved this Penny!! I know my husband would never be driving a pink car with flowers on it but I guess if he had to he would grin and bear it.. lol Here is a funny for you last night we were cuddling in bed my husband and I and I told him to roll over he goes do I get dog treats then. lol He never ceases to amaze me.. He says the darndest things sometimes but he always makes me laugh when he know’s I am stressing out over things.

  2. Julie, I loved your story about your husband! He sounds like a great guy! Does he have a favorite brand of doggy treat lol! Thanks for stopping by – I’m thrilled that you enjoyed traveling with us on our busride 🙂

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