Movie Monday 7-11-11

For Movie Monday this week, we go back a few years to an older movie…

My grandmother, Nanie, purchased this movie for my daughters and immediately, I recalled fond memories of watching it as a youngster.  Nanie would round us up and take us to the theater for the Saturday matinee, which of course wasn’t complete without Butterfinger candy bars!

Anyway, back to the movie…Despite the cover, it isn’t an animated cartoon, but rather, Seven Alone is a great family movie and a history lesson all in one. It’s an older movie, so the quality isn’t what we have grown accustomed to with today’s movies, but it’s a must-see classic nonetheless. It is based on the true story of the Sager children, who became orphaned and traveled on the Oregon trail to fulfill their father’s promise of homesteading there. Katherine, the oldest daughter, kept a diary of their adventure and how they later came to live with the Marcus and Narcissa Whitman missionary family.

There is much to discuss in this movie, including selfishness and disobedience on the part of the oldest child, John Sager. There are some scary parts, so caution is recommended if viewing with small children.

All in all, this movie was just as good as I remembered it years ago. I highly recommend it!

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4 thoughts on “Movie Monday 7-11-11

  1. Penny –
    I remember that movie – I LOVED that movie and we watched it with our own children – back when!
    Thanks for reminding me of that special time with our own children and the great movie classic it’s become – I’m so glad you wrote about it!
    I’m going to look it up for a watch-through with my grandson – I can hardly wait to see it again!

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