Movie Monday 7-18-11

Welcome to Movie Monday! My choice for a family movie this week is Doc (Season 1)…

Doc - Season 1

This series, peppered with faith, humor, and touching stories, stars Billy Ray Cyrus as a doctor who travels from his practice in small town Montana to New York. Taking a job in the big city, however, is no easy task for the cowboy who sees the good in people and always makes time for those in need of help.  A small town girl myself, I can only imagine how a move might make a huge impact on someone unaccustomed to city life. 🙂  

Viewers find themselves growing attached to the characters, who seem to come to life as they wrestle with everyday problems. Great lessons abound, including discussion of topics such as humility, greed, selfishness, putting others first, and the importance of faith no matter what our chosen profession. To me, this is one of the best series ever produced (I loved it almost as much as Sue Thomas F.B. Eye, which I’ll have for another Movie Monday post). It is great for the entire family and contains nothing objectionable. My only question is…when are they going to bring Season 2 to DVD?!

For more awesome movie suggestions for your family, check out my Mom-Approved Movies tab at the top of this page.

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