Movie Monday – Friendship’s Field – 9-5-11

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s family movie suggestion is Friendship’s Field (Feature Films for Families)…

IMG_0004 (2)

Friendship’s Field takes us back to the 1960s when tomboy Ira’s life changes forever and leaves her with a memory long into adulthood.

Prejudice toward migrant workers is rampant in Ira’s hometown, but her family is different. They see people for who they are, despite cultural differences, color of skin, and social status. During a particular summer in 1965, Ira befriends Oscar, the son of migrant workers. But what happens when some local teenagers take their anger and prejudice out on Oscar’s brother?

However, Friendship’s Field is not all serious. Not by a long shot. There is plenty of humor, including Ira’s decision to pester her three older sisters, whom she refers to as “the poofheads.”

There are plenty of great discussion starters in this movie including:

Everyone is made in the image of God and why it’s important to see people as God sees them,

Loving your neighbor, no matter who that might be, and

Being a leader, rather than a follower, and standing up for what is right.

There is nothing objectionable in this movie. However, there are a couple of scary parts involving a snake and an incident of mild violence, which may scare younger children.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time and I would highly recommend it!

I am passionate about finding movies suitable for families. For a complete listing of family movie suggestions and an archive of past reviews from a Christian worldview for Movie Monday, please go to my Mom-Approved Movies Page.

For an archived list of movie reviews, go to my newly created Archived Movie Reviews page. This page will be updated regularly to show all movies included in Movie Review Monday.

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