Mom Brain Overload!

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

As I headed out the door to pick my girls up from school, I remembered at the last minute that they had a basketball game right after school. As such, they wouldn’t be able to come home and get changed before the game. So I grabbed their jerseys and sweatpants.

Glancing at the shoe holder by the front door, I remembered (aren’t you proud of me for all this stuff I’m remembering?!) I also needed to take them their basketball shoes. I grabbed Doodle’s basketball shoes then reached for Sunshine’s shoes. Finally, with a full armload, I climbed in our SUV feeling rather proud of myself that I had actually remembered the basketball game considering the type of week it had been and it was only Tuesday. I reached the school and greeted my girls before handing them their basketball gear. “We have about five minutes before we have to be at the game,” I said.

When I handed Sunshine her basketball shoes, she gasped in horror. “Mom! These are TWO different shoes!!!” I looked down at the mismatched shoes she held in her hands. One was a basketball shoe while the other was a school shoe.

I saw the clock and knew there was no way we had time to go all the way back home and exchange the shoes. I noted that thankfully the shoes were both the same height so there would be no sprained ankles. “Sunshine, can you just wear those? We don’t have time to go home first. If we do, we’ll be late.”

Sunshine’s face held a look of terror before she finally responded, “Ok, Mom.” If there is one thing that is Sunshine’s pet peeve, it’s that she HATES to be late. She’s a very punctual little girl, which is helpful in a family full of last-minute unpunctuals.

“Thank goodness I didn’t grab one of Dad’s and one of yours,” I said laughing, always trying to keep a positive outlook on things.

A mugshot of the guilty mom

Sunshine was not amused. However, she gracefully took the shoes and began to put them on.

I saw a friend in the school hallway and explained the situation to her. “Don’t feel too bad,” she told me. “I forgot to bring Pickles our cat for ‘show and tell today.'” Her son was crying and she felt so bad over her forgotten task.

“I think our mom brains are just on overload. I don’t think I can even get one more detail into this crowded brain of mine,” I said. She nodded in agreement while profusely promising her son that she would bring Pickles for the next “show and tell.”

I’m amazed that we moms get as much accomplished as we do. I’m shocked we are actually functioning at all with all that we have on our minds. I always thank God we manage to get out of the door and to school each morning as that in itself is a feat. 

I’ve forgotten to put the lunch meat on my husband’s sandwiches before. I’ve forgotten to drop off the overdue books at the library. I’ve forgotten to pay a bill. Yep, I’ve forgotten many tasks, but when I think about all that I have actually remembered to do in my hectic life, I’m amazed and thankful.

Now if I can just remember to wear matching shoes myself…


24 thoughts on “Mom Brain Overload!

  1. Oh my, your story brings to mind some of my past “forgetful mom misdeeds.” Now here is the worst part….when you least expect it, and your children are in their teens or even fully grown, they gleefully share one of those events with friends, neighbors, other family members, much to your chagrin. Alas, we share some of THEIR embarrassing moments from when they were little, so I guess, all is fair game 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. Very funny.

    • Well, thanks, Janet!!!! Now I have something to look forward to, lol! Your comment makes me feel 100% relieved that I’m not the only one who makes silly mistakes! Thank you for stopping by – it’s always nice to see you!

  2. Oh, Penny, that is too funny!

    I understand the mom brain overload well….with Drew being three, when we have to go somewhere he usually gets himself into the car and I buckle him in before we take off. More times than not, he’s gotten in w/o shoes and I’ve forgotten to grab some for him. The other day we showed up to the library just like that, w/o shoes. Did we hop back in the car and go home? Oh no. We went right in. Who would know. Three year olds take their shoes off all the time, don’t they.

  3. LoL, I can sooooo relate!!
    That old joke about forgetting your head if it weren’t screwed on is one that definitely fits me. *blush* Thanks for making me feel better and normal!! 🙂

    • lol Patty! I have a feeling that if we lived closer to each other, we’d be spending a lot of time on the front porch sipping lemonade and discussing all of our “airhead moments!”

    • Oh, Shellie, that is TOOOOOO funny!!!!! You just never know, maybe slipper shoes will become the latest fad. Wouldn’t that be frightening?! I’ve been driving along sometimes and my kids will tell me, “Hey, Mom, you missed the turn back there!” Yikes. I’m glad to know we’re all in the same boat! Have a fantastic week!

  4. I’ve forgotten to put lunch meat on my hubby’s sandwich before too. Once when he liked those little individual packs of lunchmeat — I actually forgot to pack the bread. I’ve also forgotten a spoon for his yogurt. But thankfully, I’ve not forgotten all those things at once. LOL

    Once we went Christmas caroling with the church, I looked down and saw that I was wearing my house shoes. Obviously, there was no snow on the ground. But we’ve arrived early and it wasn’t that far to our house, so I was able to run home and change.

    Sigh. I can definitely relate!

    • That’s hilarious about the bread, Susie. Isn’t it amazing we survive with all of our forgetfulness?! I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVED your story about wearing your house shoes to church. That is definitely something for a book. Hmmmm. I’m thinking of the perfect character in her house shoes as we speak, lol! 🙂 Have a great rest of your week, my sweet friend!

  5. Oh, my–and my daughter’s been grown and gone for eight years now! But I’m so glad you mentioned the library books. I have three that were due this past Wednesday! (And the library even sent me a reminder on Monday!) I hate to discourage you, but mid-life brain fog is even worse than Mom brain fog. :>(

    • Ha ha, Kate! I’m glad I was able to remind you about your overdue library books. 🙂 However…I’m not looking forward to having a worse brain fog in the future. Double yikes!!!

  6. I tell my little girl, “Mommy has a good forgetter.” She’s says “That’s okay, I have a good rememberer.” And it’s true.

    It really is amazing how God keeps me out of messes when I forget things. Sometimes I think I’m surely more than enough to make him lose his patience, but he hasn’t yet.

  7. Oh my, how I remember those days well when my two girls were little. However, there are enough days still where I am on “Woman brain overload” period. I’m a grandmother who babysits my grandchildren, wife, mother, sunday school teacher, youth leader, daughter, daughter-in-law, etc. So it happens in whatever phase of life a woman is in. lol 😀

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