Movie Monday – Wishbone – 10-24-11

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

I had never heard of the Wishbone series until I stumbled across Wishbone’s Dog Days of the West in my church library. The image of the little dog with his cowboy hat and Western-style clothing riding horseback was all it took for me to grab this video off the shelf and sign the check-out card.

Wishbone's Dog Days of the West [VHS]

Wishbone is a spirited dog who, above all else, has determined that leashes should be outlawed. The movie opens with a heroic act on Wishbone’s part, then alternates between present day and the Wild West.  Wishbone is the main character in both time periods, and in both scenarios, he finds himself helping to set wrongs right.

This movie is full of humor, including Wishbone as a banker and the wealthiest man (make that the wealthiest dog!) in his small Texas Town. The movie contains some great discussion points. For instance, is it ever all right for the truth to be twisted to sell a story? Is it ever all right to steal if it means keeping your best friend out of jail?

A little goofy in places, this movie is perfect for children, and adults will enjoy watching it with their children as well. There is nothing objectionable, although there is a gunfight toward the end (but no violence), which might frighten the youngest of viewers.

So if you’re looking for a fun movie for your next family night, this is one I would definitely recommend!

5 thoughts on “Movie Monday – Wishbone – 10-24-11

  1. My kids used to watch Wishbone’s show and I watched it with them because I loved it, too! We would discuss the books. I did not know that he had a movie – I want to see it!

    • Hi Chaz! It really is a funny movie. We did it backwards here at our house – we saw the movie first and then my kids were ecstatic when they heard there were books too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi Penny,

    Your movie post brought back memories! From the age of 18 through 22, I worked in Public Broadcasting, first Public TV then Public radio. I was the receptionist at WGCU in Ft. Myers and I always looked forward to 4:00 because that’s when Wishbone came on! (There was a TV in the lobby tuned to the station.) It was a TV series, too.

    I didn’t have kids at the time, but it seemed like a cute, educational show.

    I’ll definitely look for the movie. I didn’t realize there were books, either. Thanks for all the good info about family-friendly movies!

    Hope you have a blessed week!


    PS. Do you mind/want us to post our latest blog posts on the Christian Authors’ page you created? I’ll be posting one either today or tomorrow and wondered if that was okay. Thank you for creating that group!

    • Hi Kerry ~ Oh wow, that is interesting…I never knew you had a background in public radio and tv!

      I think your boys would enjoy this show. I hear there are several shows based on the tv program, so back to the library we go!

      Yes, feel free to post about your blogs on the Christian Authors’ page. I need to go back and spend some more time on that page. I really think it will be an encouragement to other writers. 🙂 Have a blessed day, Kerry!

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