Movie Monday – The Perfect Game – 10-31-11

Penny Zeller, Christian Author


My suggestion for this week’s Movie Monday is The Perfect Game (Feature Films for Families)...

One of my favorite things about The Perfect Game was that, because it is based on true story, original black- and-white footage is shown throughout the movie.  The story opens with a man named Cesar who has lost his job with a baseball team and has returned to his home in Mexico as a laborer.  His life has taken a turn for the worse and he survives day-to-day with his heart heavy with failure.

Enter into the story several young poverty-stricken Mexican boys who, under the care of a Catholic Priest, dream of becoming “real” baseball players. They listen to their favorite teams on the radio and practice in the streets with humble baseball equipment. What happens when Cesar and the boys’ paths cross?

This movie is a hidden gem among movies. There hasn’t been much publicity about it, and to me, that’s a shame. It is perfect family-night fare and includes valuable discussion lessons. For instance, is it all right to look down upon someone because of the color of their skin? The Bible tells us we are all made in His image. Other great discussion questions include: is it all right to lie to others about your past because of your shame? Is it ever all right to drown your sorrows in alcohol? Even if two people have their eye on playing the position of pitcher, can that be overcome to avoid tension in a friendship? What can happen when people reach out in love and help those in need? Just how powerful is the power of prayer?

Will the underdogs in this film make it all the way to the Little League World Championship? You won’t want to miss this movie to find out the answer to that very question!


4 thoughts on “Movie Monday – The Perfect Game – 10-31-11

  1. Love love love your new website! It’s beautiful. don’t know which page was my fave–the “For Writers” page and the “Ministry” page were probably my top 2.

    I’ve not read your books yet, but I will.
    And yes, I am a fan of Starbucks cappuccinos!



  2. What a beautiful website! God is glorified by the sharing of pictures of His creation.

    I most appreciated the “For Writers” because of the helpful resources listed.

    Your books have the best covers that draw one to want to read the story inside. I once visited Montana so I am sure I would like reading about that Big Sky country.

    Thanks for entering me in your contest for the Starbucks card. It is a treat to have a Grande Black and slice of Pumpkin Bread!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • Hello Janice! I agree, the Lord is glorified by sharing pictures of His Creation. Thank you for your kind compliments about my “For Writers” page on my website. I appreciate that!

      Montana is a wonderful state and so beautiful. I loved writing books set in Montana and was sad when the series ended! The Pine Haven, Montana characters were so much like the people we would meet in any small town.

      Thank you for entering. Have a blessed day!

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