Interview and Giveaway with Author Amanda Beth!!!

I’m thrilled to have my friend and fellow author Amanda Beth as a guest on my blog! Amanda is here to talk about her new book You Can Have a Happy Family. She is giving away a copy to one lucky commenter (more details following the interview). And now here’s Author Amanda Beth…


I’m excited about your new book, Amanda! Can you give us the official blurb?

YOU can’t perfect your family.

YOUR SPOUSE can’t perfect your family.

NO ONE can perfect your family.

But there is hope…GOD CAN! Join Amanda on her journey to find contentment. She takes you through her personal testimony and reveals the steps God taught her that freed her from insecurity, strife, distrust, resentment, and chaos in her marriage.

Product Details

Sounds like a wonderful book that would be an asset to any family.  What inspired you to write this book?
The Lord inspired me. I was leading Bible studies in my home when I felt a strong leading from the Lord to write this book. My husband and I had a rough relationship for the first half of our 15 years of marriage. Once God worked in our marriage, people started noticing. My husband and I were often asked by others how we had such a happy marriage and family. We would always tell people that it was all God. But I felt it left people wanting to know more. That’s when I knew God wanted me to share the steps He took us through to help us find true contentment in our home.
How do you hope this book will encourage Christian families?
My hope for this book is that the reader would know how much they are loved by the Lord. I pray that this book would give people hope and encouragement in their marriages and raising their children. I want the reader to walk away certain that God is fighting for their marriages and families. He truly wants nothing but the best for us.
So true, Amanda! We serve an amazing God who loves and cares so much for us! Can you tell us where readers can connect with you on the web?
And where can we find your book?
The book is available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and
Thank you so much for being my guest, Amanda!
Now, readers, please leave an encouraging comment for Amanda for a chance to win an autographed copy of her new book. Everyone is welcome to enter the drawing and subscribers receive two entries, so please mention if you subscribe to this blog. If you’re not yet a subscriber, the subscription button is in the right-hand sidebar at the top. 🙂
A winner will chosen at random on November 11. At that time, I will also be announcing the winners of Stephanie Shott’s book and Dawn Byrd’s book. By the way, if you haven’t already left a comment for Dawn, be sure to do so – her giveaway is open until November 7 (see previous post).
Please join me next Thursday when I will be hosting a very special guest – author and blogger Jo Huddleston.

22 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway with Author Amanda Beth!!!

  1. Realizing that we can’t all be perfect is a tough place to come to, but knowing that being happy in our relationships is not our complete job but requires God too is so encouraging! Thanks for the book offer and thanks for taking the time to share with us! Sharon

  2. Penny – Thank you for having me on your blog. It’s such an honor!
    Andre, Terri, Sharon, and Kel – Thank you all for your comments. I’m looking forward to sharing my book with one of you.
    Desitheblonde – I am sorry about your daughter and grandson. I will be praying for them.

    I pray for God’s blessings to all your families:)

  3. I think this should be a book for all families to read. It’s true we can’t change our spouse or others, but through prayer, God is able to do all things 🙂
    I am a new subscriber and am looking forward to reading more of your blogs 🙂

  4. I have enjoyed this post and there’s no that the book is a good Christian resource that will help many families. However, I would like to know if the book is only for married couples? I’m asking because I’m a Christian youth blogger I want to know if your book will also benefit we the youth of Christ.

    Your response will be much appreciated. Thank you, and God bless you for allowing Him to use you to put this book together.

    • Christian Purity Blog,

      Thank you for your kind comment. I have had several young, single women read the book and they enjoyed it, and even found it helpful in many different ways. One of the ways they found it helpful was with relating to their parents’ and families’ struggles. I also dedicated a whole chapter to what children need. I included survey responses from parents with children from all ages—infant to grown and out of the house. I also share many common things that all people struggle with, not just married couples. Another thing it helps is to prepare people for marriage. You can learn why to wait for the one God has chosen for you, and what to expect in marriage and raising children. I wish we would have read this book before we got married, lol! It could have saved my husband and I a lot of unnecessary heartache:)
      I hope I explained it better. It’s a blessing to meet youths that are on fire for the Lord. May God continue to bless you and use you in powerful way:)

  5. Oh sad to say, but I probably needed this book 10 years ago. My hubby left us and pretty much destroyed our family. But, needless to say, this book sounds like God has a plan, a good plan for marriage and families, and Amanda was obedient to write about it. Kudos, my friend.

  6. Thank you SO much, everyone, for stopping by and leaving a comment for Amanda. A winner has been chosen and I will be announcing it in the next hour. Yay! Stay tuned because Amanda will be returning to my blog for my 12 Days of Christmas Celebration on December 15, so come on by if you’d like another chance to win her book (or a couple dozen other great books!)

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