Starbucks giftcard giveaway!!!

It’s the perfect weather for Starbucks coffee! So…how would you like a chance to win a Starbucks giftcard?

Just last week, website designer Bev Nowlin did a complete remodel of my website at She added photos and other items to “spiff up” the pages (I can’t wait for you to see it!!!) 

In celebration of my website remodel, it’s your chance to win a giftcard! Without further ado, here are the details…

Go to my website at and visit a few or all of the various pages, including:

the home page

books page

bio page

for readers page

for writers page

ministry page

press page

contact page

Then come back here to this post and leave me a quick comment as to what your favorite part (or page) about my new website is… yes, that’s all there is to it!

I will be choosing one winner from the comments left on this blog post using and announcing the winner on Friday, November 25. As always, anyone can enter (U.S. residents only, please) and subscribers receive two entries! And please let me know if you are a subscriber and/or if you follow my Facebook page Thanks!

Also, I would absolutely be honored if you would help me spread the word about my website remodel via Twitter and Facebook (easy share buttons are below this post). Thank you SO much!


In other news…

December 1 -16 – I will be hosting The 12 Days of Christmas Celebration here on my blog! There will be at least 24 authors giving away books for this special event. You won’t want to miss this! Come back by on December 1 to share your Christmas memory and to be entered to win – and the great part about it is that you can enter once every day if you’d like for as many giveaways as you’d like! Winners will be announced just in time for Christmas!

Feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already to stay posted on upcoming events.

Also, stay tuned for my Movie Monday posts, Tuesday humor posts, devotionals, and a special Thanksgiving post on November 24. You for sure won’t want to miss my hilarious Christmas post about what men shouldn’t buy their wives for Christmas on December 20.

Don’t forget to visit my website and come back here to leave a comment about what you liked best for a chance to win a Starbucks giftcard!


103 thoughts on “Starbucks giftcard giveaway!!!

  1. Penny, I love your ministry page and you gave me such a great idea to donate my books to homebound people. Or even to just someone who loves to read. I have obtained quite a lot and need to pass them along. Thank you for writing I enjoy your stories so very much

    blessings to you

    Julie Lippo

    • Julie, I am so glad that my ministry page encouraged you to donate books to homebound people. It’s amazing the difference it makes! A friend of mine is wheelchair bound and has been so blessed by Christian fiction.

      Thank you also for your sweet words about my books. Your encouragement means a lot to me!

  2. Hi – congrats on the new website! It looks great! I’m a friend of Bev and she did an awesome job! I love all the header images on each page with the “realistic” photos on them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Great new website! My favorite page was your book page…always look for something new to read 🙂 Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday!

  4. I Love it all! I don’t remember what your old site was like though :(. My fav was all of the pictures and it is easy to navagate. I do have to say tere is one flaw that I noticed/disliked, when you click on certains parts, such as “Bio”, it then pops up in an extra screen instead of just loading it on the one already there. But otherwise it is cute!

    • Hi Kayla! It’s great to see you here. Thank you for your kind compliments. Thank you also for pointing out about the extra screen issue. Bev is looking into that for me as we speak!

  5. Penny,

    I like the clean look of the web site. It is very nice, a simple elegance as it were.

    I do have two issues I think you need to fix. First I find very annoying is that each time I click on a menu item at the top it opens in a new tab, this should not happen it should remain in the same tab since I am on “Your” web site. This I would recommend fixing as soon as possible because it will turn folks away.

    Second on the books page:
    The image for Hollyhocks only displays about 1/2 and is over 6MB in size. A web page image should be complete and small, for example the Barns and Noble image for this book is only 13 KB.
    The image for 77 Ways is over 9 MB on the web page, vs the one here on the blog that is only 15 KB.

  6. Wow – the updated site is beautiful! I love the picture banners on every page. Let’s see – I especially liked the “books” page, as it’s very easy to see the different books you’re written with their descriptions. And I liked the “ministry” page and the ideas for books. See, a few months ago I decided I didn’t need my pregnancy/infant books anymore as my munchkin is older now. I checked at our city library and they actually had no books on the subject. I asked if they would like the books (they were hardbacks and in brand-new condition) and was told yes. I envisioned young newlywed mothers and frightened teen moms, unable to afford buying such books, reading my donated books. Imagine my disappointment the next time I visited the library to see all my donated books on their “for sale” shelf! 😦 I wish I had thought to donate them to the church library or a local pregnancy center instead.

    Oh, I know you didn’t ask but thought you might like to know is the only thing I didn’t care for (and it might be my computer’s fault – I’m using a very outdated Internet Explorer) is every page automatically opened in a whole new window. I’d much rather it load in the same window.

  7. Being a reader and not having a blog, I especially enjoy your
    “Books” Page…Your layout is fabulous and easy to navigate!
    The “Home Page” is lovely and very inviting…
    I am a follower of this blog and your author’s blog!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  8. Great website, Penny! I like the media page. I love the idea of downloading the press kit for hosting giveaways. Your designer did a great job! I am already subscribed. Love the giveaway! 🙂
    God bless,
    Amanda Beth

    • It’s so nice to see you here, Amanda! I,too, love how Bev designed the press kit information. Makes giveaways and interviews a cinch! Thank you also, Amanda, for subscribing and for being a wonderful friend. I appreciate you!

    • Hi Linda! Wow! Thank you for the compliment about the home page. That picture is a picture of our absolutely favorite place to go camping 🙂

      Thank you also Linda, for being a subscriber. I appreciate your support!

  9. Penny,
    Nice job on your site. Very inviting – I love the fun pictures on your bio page. I noticed that your book series is called “Montana Skies”. I didn’t see it mentioned where you are from, but I grew up in Montana and am curious if you did as well. God bless and keep you as continue to follow Him.

  10. Very nice redo on the website Penny! Congrats to Bev! Your pages are inviting and informative with a great personal touch! Your ministry page has some wonderful ideas on what to do with used books, and your media page rocks! Great overall upgrade for sure – way to go!

  11. My favorite is your ministry page. You have given me many new ideas on what to do with books that I have read but have no place to keep them once read. I hope to check with my local library to see if we have any such programs in our area. I also loved your books page. So nice to see your lovely book covers and your book descriptions. Actually, I loved everything about your new website!!

    Judy B


  12. Penny,
    I love the easy layout and color of your site. I enjoyed reading the ministry page it really me think of how I can bless someone with a book.

  13. Wow. Your new website is beautiful! Now to choose just one thing I like about it? That is going to be hard to do! I love your readers section, but I think I love your ministry page even more. You list several great ideas about what to do with books that we would like to give away. Thank you for those suggestions! I also love that you would be willing to make a phone call to a book club to talk about your books! I get to choose our next book, in the book club I am in. I think I know what author I am going to choose!! Now just to pick which book of yours to read!! LOL

    • Hello Joy! I am amazed at how many ways we can bless others with books! I’m glad I was able to give you some ideas!

      Thank you so much for your compliments about the book club. I love to chat with book clubs and have been so blessed to have met some wonderful people through those clubs! I would be honored to speak at your club. 🙂

  14. Penny, I loved your new website. My favorite part of your website was the page that gave a short commentary of your books. I haven’t read any of your books yet and after reading more about them…I have them on my “to read” list. I also really liked the photos that were chosen throughout your site. They were beautiful.

  15. Hi Penny!
    I don’t really care whether or not I win the Starbucks gift card, but I just wanted to look at your new website. It is WONDERFUL, and I don’t think that I can pick a favorite part, although I love your ministry page. It’s just all so fantastic!
    God bless you in all you do. You are a remarkable young lady!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!
    Love in Christ!
    Judy Perry Drewett

    • Hi Judy! I love your enthusiasm. Thank you SO much! Thank you also for your compliments. What a blessing to be able to impact lives for Christ through my writing!

      I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas Season as well!

  16. Great website…I loved the “For Writers” and the “Ministry” pages. But the whole site is extremely well-done and functional.

    I concur with all of the comments concerning the “Books” page with videos. I also had not read your books yet, but I will now! What a terrific idea to have “an open house” with Starbucks giveaway: now that’s some good marketing!!!

    • Hi Tamara! Thank you for your compliments about the “For Writers” and the “Ministry” pages, as well as the whole site. I appreciate that!

      Thank you also for your enthusiam about my books! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Soooo glad that is doing the picking for the Starbucks giftcard. Ya’ll are making it way too difficult for me to choose! BTW, I appreciate you all so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Thank you SO much!

  18. Hello, darling Penny! We haven’t talked in ages.

    What? How can I pick a fave when your entire website is gorgeous? Love all the headers and the overall layout. Very easy to navigate. Also the pictures are spectacular, especially that mountain scene on the home page.

    Girl, it looks like you are just truckin’ right along with your writing. I’m so proud of you. You are an EXCELLENT writer! What’s your next project? Send me an email one of these days soon, or a private FB message.

    Love and Hugs…

    • Shar!!!! I am so glad to see my favorite mentor in the whole world here! Thank you for all of your encouragement and for being such a blessing to me. Talk about being an excellent writer! I LOVE your books! Yes, I will for sure be sending you an email or message!

  19. Who knew offering a Starbuck’s giftcard would be such a BIG draw 🙂

    I donate a lot of the Christian fiction books that I review to our church library. Some I offer as giveaways but with postage what it is I am starting to donate a lot more! BUT, my favorite place to donate (and I do this through a friend who ministers there) is to give the CF books and devotionals I review to her for the Women’s Prison Library. My friend told me that the men’s prison library in our area is full to overflowing, but the women’s is sadly lacking. So I jumped on that one because so many of the women might not pick up a bible but they will read a CF book or even a devotional!

    I’m going to mention to my daughter about reading to Alzheimer’s patients because she takes care of a lady 4 days a week, part time. It’s a great idea! Thx!!

    • Ha ha, Anne! Starbucks is pretty popular I’m finding out!

      I love your idea of sharing books with the Women’s Prison Library. What a wonderful resource for them, but how sad that their library is lacking. Thank you for making a difference!

      I, too, love the idea of reading to Alzheimer’s patients. My mom has worked in the past with that population and has such a heart for them. Please tell your daughter she is so appreciated for taking the time to care for someone with this devastating illness.

  20. Hey Penny, saw your post on acfwbookclub and thought I’d stop by to see your website. It’s gorgeous! My absolute favorite page is your home page with the magnificent snow covered mountains. It’s breathtaking! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  21. I really enjoyed looking around your homepage. You are a new author to me, and I am really interesting in your Montana Skies Series. I have added them to my amazon wishlist for a future read. It’s also nice to know that you as an author are very connected to your readers. Being involved in Book Clubs and being willing to discuss your books and answer questions is a great way to stay connected to your fans. The pictures you have put on each of your pages are wonderful too.
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to discover something new.\

    • Hello Katherine! I am honored to be on your Amazon wishlist. Thank you SO much!

      I love connecting with my readers and have met some awesome people! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Hello Jo! It’s nice to see you here! Thank you for your compliments about the ministry page. I think if I was to take a poll, that page would win for sure, or maybe possibly tied with the home page!

  22. I love all the pictures!! The historical ones were really neat, but also the mountain pictures. I live in MT, and never get tired of the view!
    I also liked the ideas on how to bless people with your books. I always need more ideas as I seem to collect books faster than I can shelve them! Another idea, that I didn’t see on there, is Teen Challenge. They have libraries and could use Christian books for the girls to read!

    • Martha, you are SO blessed to live in Montana! It is such a beautiful place!

      I LOVE your idea about Teen Challenge! I am going to see if Bev can add that to my list. Thank you SO much for sharing that with me – what an awesome ministry opportunity!

  23. Penny, this is so exciting!! Bev did a great job, I love looking at the pictures. But my favorite was the movie reviews. We only get movies, no cable or satelite. I will tell you we have had some challengs finding good family movies. For that matter movies that are suitable for the boys. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this to make our lives easier. I also am encouraged by the resources for new writers. I am afriad that I am at a stand still in that department. You have a wonderful heart, family and love for God and it is evident in this website. YOU GO GIRL AND GLORY TO GOD!!

    • Jessi!!! How wonderful to see you here!

      I’m so glad you found the movie reviews helpful. One of my passions is to find wholesome movies for families. Please feel free to print the entire page.

      Jessi, you have such a gift for writing and I am excited to see where God leads you with it. It’s ok to take a break from it now and again. God will lead you at His perfect time to pursue and follow the next step.

  24. Great new website design!! I really liked the book page!! I love the way it is all layed out, beautiful!! Love your books and really hope that you contiue to succeed!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  25. Hello Courtney! I see you are a girl after my own heart and that you love exclamation points too!!! (lol!) Thank you for your kind words about my website. Thank you also for letting me know how much you enjoy reading my books. You have blessed me so with your words! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  26. I love your new website Penny! But since I love snow and snow pictures, I think the Home page is awesome. And not only the snow picture, I like the way she has the books and stuff there. But this was a difficult choice. It all looks wonderful!

    • Thank you, Heather! I’m thrilled that you liked the writers and ministry pages. And thank you for letting me know about the typo. It’s amazing how many times I can read something and an error still gets by me! 🙂

  27. Congrats on your new site! I love the header on the new page and all the content is just great. It’s nicely organized and so appealing at first glance which is really important for a site. Read through some and loved your outlook! 🙂

  28. Wow, Penny, what’s not to like? Your new site is wonderful. It’s beautiful and informative. I liked the page with all your books listed, but I especially liked that you listed your publishers. So often, I have to hunt for that info. Yeah, the publisher is important to me. Another thing I really appreciate is your movie page. We don’t watch many movies any more. Too much profanity. The minute someone takes God’s name in vain–whether it’s in a book or on the screen–it’s trash to us. Okay, I’ve left my comment and now I’m going back to your new site and explore some more. 🙂 Congats! I know you’re so proud of it.

    • Hello Jess! Thank you for stopping by my website and letting me know what you liked! I agree about movies. Good ones for the entire family are difficult to find. I also agree about the Lord’s name taken in vain. I’m very convicted about that as well.

      Thank you again, Jess. I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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