Day 2 of the Days of Christmas Book Giveaway Celebration with Amanda Beth & Mukkove Johnson

Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway Celebration!!! Today we have two fabulous books up for grabs… so be sure to leave a comment to win both Christmas is About Jesus (paperback) by Mukkove Johnson and You Can Have a Happy Family (paperback) by Amanda Beth.

Today, share with us your absolute favorite Christmas tradition or memory, or if you’ve already shared yesterday, feel free to leave another Christmas-related comment or just stop by to say “hi!”

And don’t forget to leave a comment on yesterday’s post at to win Staci Stalling’s book Cowboy and Sarah Witenhafer’s book Tamed.  Stop by on Monday where I’ll be featuring two more awesome authors.

Yes, you can enter on all of the days! (U.S. residents only please), and confirmed subscribers receive two entries!

Without further ado, I am sooooo excited to be offering as a giveaway these two more awesome books to one lucky winner…

Product Details

Here is the blurb for Christmas is About Jesus:

Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional is designed to give families a foundation to talk about what they believe and celebrate at Christmas. Beginning December 1st each day shares a verse, a picture, a popular element of Christmas celebrations and how it can help us to focus on Jesus.

Each devotion is short and thought provoking. Questions in the text give points to ponder and discuss as a family.
Below is the blurb for You Can Have a Happy Family:

YOU can’t perfect your family.

YOUR SPOUSE can’t perfect your family.

NO ONE can perfect your family.

But there is hope…GOD CAN!

Join Amanda on her journey to find contentment. She takes you through her personal testimony and reveals the steps God taught her that freed her from insecurity, strife, distrust, resentment, and chaos in her marriage.

She shares with you how to enjoy your family while waiting on God to restore, transform, and perfect you, your spouse, and your children.

The LORD will perfect that which concerns me: your mercy, O LORD, endures forever: forsake not the works of your own hands. —Psalm 138:8, AKJV

You Can Have a Happy Family is available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and

Be sure to leave a comment for Mukkove and Amanda to win both books. Speaking of favorite Christmas traditions and memories, here are the favorites of Mukkove and Amanda…

Christmas Memories by Mukkove Johnson

Creating gifts and yummy treats- fudge, taffy, divinity, and rosettes

Hours dreaming through the Sears catalog

Relaxing time off from school and work

I remember the Christmas Eve program at church

Snowmen, sledding, and skiing

Tree with tinsel, skinny silver strings

Mom home from school with us, Dad off of work

A peaceful busy time

Stringing popcorn for the tree

Making a bonfire on the lake

Eating homemade ice cream

Monopoly games, for hours

Opening gifts on Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Grandma

Remember Jesus came for me

Ice skating on the lake

Everyday closer to Christmas

Special family times

Mukkove Johnson, author of Christmas is About Jesus and Easter is About Jesus, lives in Alaska with her husband and three children. She is learning to rest in Jesus as he directs her steps through faith, marriage, mothering, homeschooling and writing.

If you would like to know more, connect with Mukkove, or purchase books visit her website or For daily blogs during December on Christmas is About Jesus visit

Christmas Memory by Amanda Beth


My favorite memory of Christmas growing up was getting up in the morning and seeing the presents overflowing out from under the Christmas tree. Even now that me and my siblings are grown, my mom still buys the same amount of presents as she did when we were kids. Only now, she has included our spouses and our children in the giving. When we go to my parent’s house on Christmas Eve, you can’t walk in their living room without tripping over a present. I am married with four children so you can imagine how many gifts we receive. When we drive home our kids are usually buried under gifts as they’re piled to the ceiling of our minivan. Each year we tell Mom not to give us so much, but she never listens because she really enjoys giving.

Amanda Beth loves to connect with her readers at


25 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Days of Christmas Book Giveaway Celebration with Amanda Beth & Mukkove Johnson

  1. Thanks for sharing all the memories of Christmas, they are never better then the ones we has as children.
    I enjoy looking at your blog each day to see what is next.
    Paula O

  2. Thanks for having me on your blog again, Penny!:) Mukkove’s book sounds great! I just added it and your book to my cart. Awesome books to have for my family for Christmas! God bless you both:)

  3. I love it when giving can increase exponentially to include everyone as families expand. Its so much fan. My kids are grown but I would never think of cutting back – where is the blessing in that?

  4. Favorite holiday tradition…It would have to be having the youngest “reader” read Luke 2 either on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning BEFORE any gifts are opened. It was done when I was growing up and we have done that with our family.

    • Terri, I love that tradition! I bet it means so much to your family and what a wonderful day to start Christmas Day – in the Word! I especially love those traditions handed down from generation to generation!

  5. Yesterday I was an author. Today, I’m a reader… 🙂 I think family around Christmas is so important. We get together many times between Thanksgiving and New Years. One night we all go to my sister’s house and sing Christmas carols and decorate sugar cookies. One we go out and look at lights. We go to the Christmas concerts of our kids and laugh and cry and just be together. I think that’s honestly my favorite part of Christmas and the Christmas Season.

    • Wow, Staci! It sounds like your family has some awesome yearly traditions! I love the singing and decorating Christmas cookies idea. We, too, go Christmas tree “lighting” each year in our jammies (yep, even Lon and I are in our jammies!) and then we stop for hot chocolate!

  6. Thank you for having me Penny. What a fun idea! We got up our tree yesterday. I love to sit in a quiet dark house with only the tree lit. It is a peaceful place to remember God’s greatest gift – his love lives in Jesus 🙂

  7. My favorite Christmas experience lately is a Christmas Eve service on the beach in Florida. It is truly awesome to watch the sun go down and end with a candlelight service!!! God is truly near with all of the His beauty shining!

    I am grateful to have a chance to win these two books! THANKS!

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  9. My favorite Christmas tradition is simply spending time with my family all day. We open presents, eat and then spend time together playing with the kids’ new toys or playing cards!

  10. Mukkove, love your name, your hair and the part of your book you posted. Have a Merry Christmas and thank you Jesus for coming to this earth to provide for my salvation. Hugs! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

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