funny names people name their kids

Penny Zeller, Christian Author
The other day, someone thought my name was Penny Dollar and announced it over the loud speaker in a public place full of people! Isn’t that hilarious? So glad my parents didn’t name me that!!!

Would Penny Dollar please report to the front of the store?

Did she just call me “Penny Dollar?!”

Yes, having a name like Penny is sure to garner interesting nicknames. In high school, a friend came up with the name (meant to be a sweet nickname, mind you) of Pinhead. It caught on. As a matter of fact, it caught on so well that even my mom affectionately called me that! My husband Lon sometimes affectionately refers to me as Pendella.

I was always thankful I didn’t marry that boy in second grade with the last name of “Nickel.” My name then would have been Penny Nickel! Of course, I always had kids asking me in school if I was going to grow up and name my own kids Dime and Quarter.

My fifth grade teacher (and one of my favorite teachers, I might add) never did realize my name was Penny. That entire year, I was known as Peggy! 🙂

Lon has all sorts of misunderstandings about his name. We receive mail for Ian, Ron, Don, Ion, and Lom. I signed him up for the health fair blood draw and they had him written down as “Lawn.”

Me with my husband, Lon, aka Lom, Ian, Ion, Ron, Don, and Lawn…

Speaking of silly names, I recently posted on Facebook a call for funny real-life names. A special thank you all of those who submitted names. And now, here is a sampling of those submitted…remember…these are all REAL names!

Anita Paycheck

Pilot Inspector

Ima Pigg

Dr. Paine (a real doctor – BTW, don’t think I want to go to him for treatment!)

Crystal Shanda Leer

Justin Other Mitchell (he was youngest in a long line of Mitchell children)

Dr. Relich (pronounced “Relish” and not to be confused with his relatives Dr. Mustard and Dr. Ketchup, LOL)

My Own

Dr. McClaws (a foot doctor)

Sunshine E. Day

Liberty Isabell

Justin Tyme

and the sibling groups:

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Lake Trout and Brook Trout (twins perhaps?)

My daughters have always loved to name their baby dolls.  My oldest daughter, Sunshine, named all her babies “Tia” when she was younger. My youngest daughter, Doodle, named all her baby dolls “Kelly” after her imaginary friend, Kelly, who lived in a yellow house, drove a yellow car, had yellow hair, and ate yellow cake.

One of the things I enjoy most about writing books is naming the characters. After all, I can’t let all those good names go to waste – names I would have used had I had 50 children!

I love nicknames, and no, I don’t even mind being called Penny Dollar or Pinhead once in awhile. However, my favorite name? The name the Lord calls me – He calls me “His.”

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32 thoughts on “funny names people name their kids

  1. That’s some beautiful scenery in that picture of you & Lon. Reminds me of the beaches in Florida. 🙂

    Pendella is cute. I can’t believe people called you Pinhead!

    Hmm, I always went by my full name (Katherine) until my late teens when my future-brother-in-law decided to start calling me Kat. It caught on and pretty soon everyone was calling me that except some relatives. When I left for college, I introduced myself as Katherine again but discovered within a few weeks that I missed being Kat and had to talk all of my new friends into switching!

    My mom has told me that I was supposed to be nicknamed Katie but they just never could remember to call me that when I was a baby. I did have a great-uncle who called me Katie-bug and I treasure the memory. My husband’s pet name for me is Katers (Kate-ers) which I like although my sister likes to tease me that it reminds her of the tow-truck in the Cars movie.

    I really wanted to name our daughter Lillian Bethany and call her Lily-Beth for short. Hubby wasn’t too keen on that idea. lol You know what we ended up naming her – it’s pretty, feminine & unique. Her daycare used to call her LaLa – I really didn’t care for that nickname.

    Oh – I used to know a guy named Sven Legg and he would always joke that he was going to name his first son Harry.

    • Hi Kat ~ The photo was during our trip to Virginia Beach. Such an awesome place!

      I loved your story about how you came to be known as Kat. LOL – I can see how your sister could see the “resemblance” between Katers and Mater on Cars! 🙂

      Lillian Bethany is a pretty name and the name Lily-Beth for a nickname is especially cute. I’ll have to remember that name – it sounds perfect for a book! I agree – your daughter’s name is pretty, feminine, and unique – and fits her!

      LOL I’m SO glad that Sven didn’t name his son Harry!!!

  2. First, I love that I am called His. But to my name. With the last name “Ridenour” seldom is it ever spelled correctly or pronounced correctly. But really, it’s quite simple. Ride in hour; like riding in a car an hour 🙂 Anyway, great post and thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Bryan! Isn’t that funny how some last names are never understood or spelled correctly? I loved your example of “ride in hour.” I bet you have to use that example often!

  3. My friends always ask why I am called Missy when my real name is Milinda. I was so messy as a little girl, they called my Messy Missy, dropped the messy part and just called me Missy(although I am still messy). I met a lady once who’s daughter was Rose, and she married a guy with the last name Rose, which made her Rose Rose.I knew a husband and wife and both of their names was Jaime.

    • I loved your comment, Missy, and how you came to be called by your nickname. And wow! That lady named Rose Rose probably has to repeat herself a lot when she is asked for her name, LOL!

  4. I have a friend whose mom’s name is Penny. She named her daughter Nichi (for nickel) and Nichi named her daughter Demi (for dime). 😉
    Our family has a horrible time with names. My husband, Shad, gets called Shad all the time. My nickname is Tami, which people are forever spelling Tammy…so I finally changed it to Tamara, only to have people pronounce it Ta-Mer-A. Ugh. You would think we would have learned with our kids…but no, somehow we missed the ‘clue’ bus and named all of our children unusual names (and spellings). Sometimes I think we should have just gone with John, Mary, Mike and Sue. 😉

    • Hi Sunflower Seeds! How funny about the woman named Penny who named her kids Nichi (for nickel) and Demi (for dime)!

      I had to laugh about the misunderstood names in your family and how you missed the “clue” bus (I’m going to have to remember that phrase!!!) Too funny!

      Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  5. We had triplets at the school where I worked all boys one was Orangejello, Lemonjello, and Limejello and one of the women I worked with was named Wendy Summers. It was the pronunciation that made them almost seem normal and the spelling just made you wonder, “What was their mother thinking!”

    • Hi Karen! My family joined me as I read through the comments aloud. We could not believe that anyone would name their kids such jello-ey names! Poor kids! Thank you for sharing – it gave us a good chuckle!

  6. I always enjoy reading your posts 🙂 Our family name is frequently mispronounced, Caouette. Most people just can’t fathom so many vowels in a row. (Coquette, Calouette, Couitt?) I’m from RI, where most natives drop the R in words.Instead of being called Lori, I was usually called Law. My daughter is Jennifa(Jennifer) and husband was Pete, in place of Pierre. My oldest got lucky with being named Mindy,so no prob, except everyone assumed it was a nickname.
    In high school, my driving lead to my nickname of Animal, and my love for ballet gave way to being called Twinkle Toes.
    Now that I live in NH, our names aren’t mispronounced, except for our last name, which sounds like Cow-wet(yes, it is French)
    Thanks for the smiles,
    Love and blessings,
    Lori (Law) LC

    • Thank you, Lori, for your kind words about my posts. I really appreciate that!

      I loved your story about your last name being mispronounced and the dropping of the “r” in R.I. I thought it was really interesting that your husband was Pete instead of Pierre and I laughed at Jennifa instead of Jennifer!

      Glad to hear that since you live in NH, your names (well, for the most part!) are correctly pronounced. BTW, our last name “Zeller” is rarely spelled right and pronounced right either. We have been called Ziler, Cellar, Seller, and Zellar so many times, LOL!

      Have a fantastic weekend, Lori (Law)! 🙂

  7. How fun! In high school, I had a friend named Mary Christmas, which of course she hated. Her last name really was Christmas, so I guess her parents thought they were being cute. I always figured she’d get married young just so she could change her name! I can’t remember her middle name, but it seems she couldn’t use that easily because it was also odd. LOL

    • Oh no, Barbara! That poor girl named Mary Christmas – I bet she heard her share of jokes! I wonder if she married and if her last name was better than her maiden name. How sad that her middle name was odd too! That poor girl!

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