Movie Monday – Explore the Wildlife Kingdom – Golden River: Secrets of the Amazon – 4/2/12

Penny Zeller, Christian AuthorThis week’s family movie selection is Explore the Wildlife Kingdom – Golden River: Secrets of the Amazon…

Our family loves videos that explore the animal kingdom, and this documentary was no exception. The photography was amazing and so vivid that it felt as though we were standing on the banks of the Amazon River. Two of the many interesting animals featured were the macaw and the Pipa toad. The Pipa toad was particularly fascinating because the mother toad keeps the eggs (up to 100) safely on her back until they hatch. We are not just told this, but shown.

Hosted by Grant Goodeve, not only was this a story about the Amazon River and the animals and plantlife that call this area their home, but it was also about a family who resided in a small village on the Amazon.  It was fascinating to see how a resident of this village worked so hard to provide for his family (which included 10 children of varying ages). He caught fish and sold them to a buyer, who would in turn sell the fish to pet stores in other countries, including the U.S. This man also taught one of his sons where in the sand to search for, and how to collect, turtle eggs for food.  I loved how this dad taught his children the ways of survival that had been passed on to him from past generations. I also loved how the fascinating animals are just another example and excellent reminder of our highly-imaginative Creator.

There are several other movies in the Explore the Wildlife Kingdom Series, and I’m hoping the rest of them are as well-written and produced as this one.  I highly recommend this documentary to families with children over the age of 7. (The very young may be frightened by a few of the animals including the coral snake, and some of the life and death accounts).

Explore the Wildlife Kingdom – Golden River: Secrets of the Amazon is an interesting and educational journey you won’t want to miss!

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