Lessons from the garden

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

To this day, I still hear the story from the time I was a little girl and despised one of my chores – weeding the garden.

My mom tells of how she would ask me to please weed between the cornrows of our sizeable garden. I found the request difficult to digest. It was a gorgeous summer day – perfect for playing volleyball or running through the sprinkler. And I had to weed?

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mind helping my parents and doing chores. But weeding?

An hour after I was assigned the task, my mom came outside to find me just how she had left me. “PENNY ANN!” she said sternly, causing me to jump. I had been sitting there, my little blond head tilted back and my face turned heavenward. My legs were crossed and I lounged between the tall cornrows while daydreaming about stories I would write.

My mom was further disturbed when she realized I’d not pulled a single weed. I have to admit this wasn’t the last time this happened.

Today one of my most favorite pastimes is gardening. Being outside in God’s creation and admiring His handiwork brings joy to my soul and makes any day happier. I take pride in keeping my garden and flowerbeds weed free (or almost!) I also harbor an addiction to trees. My mom still laughs at the 180-degree change in me.

Such a change reminds me of the change that comes over us when we become a child of God. That gift of salvation, that indwelling of the Holy Spirit, that passion to live for Him. Being without Him is much like a weed growing aimlessly and for no real purpose. Growing in Him is much like the tall proud corn stalks with their faces lifted toward heaven.

Thank You, Lord, for drawing us to You. May we always continue to grow in You and impact others for Your glory.

11 thoughts on “Lessons from the garden

  1. Penny, I love the way we can look back at childhood dreams and childhood chores and see now how God has paved the way for us so we walk in the dreams He has for us. Obeying our Heavenly Father is done for joy and what He asks of us is never drudgery. He is Good.

  2. Hi Penny, I can relate to your childhood aversion to weeding! I wasn’t asked to do much of that, though. But now I too enjoy being in my garden, and doing outdoor things. And I enjoy the harvest — canning and freezing — even though it’s a lot of work. It’s the result of my summer of labor. And like you and Florence, I’m a tree-lover, as well.

    The neat thing about God is that when we do that 180-degree turn with Him, He helps pull out the weeds in our life — it’s not all left up to us!

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