Movie Monday – African Cats

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s Movie Monday movie suggestion is African Cats.

Picture 108African Cats, a documentary from Disneynature, takes viewers into the lives of two lion prides and a cheetah family. The first lion pride, with its leader, Fang, is comprised of several lionesses and lion cubs. The second, led by Kali, includes Kali’s four sons. A duel ensues. There can only be one winner. Who will rule over the both lion prides? Enter into the picture Mara and her mother, an aging lioness. Will she be able to protect her daughter? And when she is injured, will the pride have mercy on her and wait while she heals, or will they forge ahead in search of much-needed food?

Viewers are also introduced to Sita, a single mother cheetah and her children. Can she protect them from hyenas and other dangers until they are full grown and able to survive on their own?

Enter the animal world, filmed on location in Kenya.

While there is no excessive violence, this is a film about nature, and it is realistic. Young ones will be frightened by a few scenes and the death of a parent might frighten smaller children.

After you’ve finished watching African Cats, don’t turn off the power button. The credits, where still shots of the “actors” (animals) are shown, is well worth the watch. It includes humorous titles for each of the animals in the film and is sure to draw a laugh.

Full of beautiful scenery, edge-of-seat-scenes, action, drama, and educational, African Cats is a winner and well-worth the watch. Highly recommended for those ages 8 and older.

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