Movie Review Monday – Sue Thomas F.B. Eye Series

Penny Zeller, Christian Author 

This week’s family movie suggestion is a series – Sue Thomas F.B. Eye Series.


Sue Thomas is a deaf woman who can read lips and speak. She’s lived a sheltered life for the most part, so when she’s accepted for a job with the F.B.I. hours from her hometown, she knows she’s embarking on an adventure.

Based on a true story, this series is one of the best I have ever seen and is on my top-ten favorites list of all time.  Sue Thomas F.B. Eye  has everything that makes a movie good – a touch of romance, drama, humor, action, and adventure. What’s more, the writers and producers managed to pull off this feat without the use of the distasteful Hollywood variety of violence, crass humor, foul language, and sexuality.

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye is a wholesome show, but it’s far from dull. Each episode includes the latest case to solve by Sue’s F.B.I. team, which includes:

Sue, a talented lip reader who helps solve many cases, but who struggles with being accepted because of her disability;

Jack, the lead investigator (with a dash of romance between he and Sue);

Lucy, Sue’s best friend and roommate, and the administrative assistant for Sue’s F.B.I. team;

Bobby, the Australian agent with a flair for fighting for the underdog;

Tara, who can figure out just about anything on the computer and is the technology guru of the group;

Demetrius, the serious, yet kind, agent who learns a lesson the hard way about how his workaholic tendencies affect his family; and

Miles, the annoying know-it-all who has it out for Sue in the beginning.

Some of the episodes include some scary parts that may be inappropriate for those under 10 only because of the theme.  One episode “Simon Says” is particularly scary and may frighten those younger than teens.

However, there is nothing objectionable in any of the episodes and Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is a perfect series for the entire family and one of our family’s favorite shows of all time.

I highly recommend purchasing the entire set. As of this review, there are five seasons, but I’m hoping they’ll make more soon!

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10 thoughts on “Movie Review Monday – Sue Thomas F.B. Eye Series

  1. I love the Sue Thomas movies. Just finished watching the series again! I watched them when I was younger and they were on Tv, and even now I still enjoyed watching them. I was glad it was something I could watch with my younger sister and that we could both enjoy them.

    • So glad you and your sister enjoy watching Sue Thomas, Mandy! It truly is a great series and I wish there were more produced like it! Have a blessed week and thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. where do we see Sue Thomas FB eye??? your wrote both movie and series! sound good!
    PS just typed in new email–not sure if it wil stay???

    • Hi Glenda! Oops, did I mention both movie and series? I will have to go back and check that. Apparently, my fingers are going faster than my mind, lol! This is actually a series (five seasons) rather than a movie and is available through Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and any place movies are sold. Thanks for stopping by, Glenda!

  3. So cool to see a review about Sue Thomas F.B.Eye in 2013!!! 🙂 And an enjoyable review, to be sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Just wanted to point out that it’s actually 3 Seasons, across 5 DVD Volumes. 🙂 Mentioning movie & series: technically it was a movie, too, as the Pilot originally aired that way. Love it!

    For anyone wondering where you can catch it currently on TV, my best friend and I run a Sue Thomas F.B.Eye Fangroup on Facebook ~ The “Sue Thomas FBEye Fans’ Bullpen” Look us up! 🙂 ~ and among our Group Files is one titled “STFBEye Near You!” where we list the current airing schedules across the world, as we’re aware of them. Anyone who is interested is free to check us out & join, and I’ll be happy to welcome you & directly point you in the right direction of that File, once there! 🙂

    Again, happy to read this review! 🙂 I can feel your enjoyment of the series through it!~~& I agree: STFBEye is one of the Best!!!

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