The best county fair entry ever!

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

Our family loves to enter things in the county fair. Each year, my daughters gather homemade goodies, artwork, sewing projects, and drawings and see what ribbons they can earn for their time, effort, and creativity.

I decided to do something zany this year…

While going through the photos on our digital camera, I noticed that Lon had taken a picture of a shoe. Yes, a shoe. Not any shoe, mind you, but HIS size 13 tennis shoe.  His shoe that was posing on his foot, laces tied on the tile floor.

And then I had an “aha” moment!

I rushed to the store and had the photo enlarged to 5×7, enhanced the color, and printed it. Finding a matching frame, I displayed this lovely piece of “art.”

Buffing the glass of the frame to a sheen, the shoe picture was ready to enter in our county fair.

In today’s world, just look around and you’ll see so many varieties of “art” that I thought for sure this would be a hit at the fair with the judges. With framed shoe in hand, my daughters and I entered the door of the exhibit hall with our entries. It was difficult not to laugh while unloading the entries. All the rest of them were tasteful entries – lovely artwork the kids had drawn or photographs of animals or scenery they had taken while on vacation.

And then there was the silly shoe photo.

And wouldn’t Lon be SOOOOOO surprised!

I watched the entry coordinator’s face as she filled out the entry card for the shoe picture. I began to snort and struggled to keep my laughter under control. After all, who really enters a photo of a beat up tennis shoe in the local fair?

The woman looked up at me, then back down at the shoe picture, then back up at me, and finally one last time at the shoe picture. She picked up the frame and with a look of concern mixed with disgust, added it to the pile of entered fair projects.

I somehow hoped she’d be a little more appreciative of this fine piece of art.

The following day when our family went to see what ribbons we had been awarded, that’s when it happened…Lon saw the shoe picture. “Pen is that? No, it can’t be…Pen!”

I thought I would die of laughter. Then Lon began to laugh and together we gazed at the unlikely winner of a high-placing ribbon. blue-ribbon-1294754-m

The moral of the story? In a world so full of busyness, it’s good to take some time out to truly laugh at the sillier side of life. God gave us the ability to laugh and the ability to take joy in even the most mundane things – even a framed picture of a tennis shoe.


What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment!

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