Movie Review Monday – You’ve Got a Friend

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

IMG (6)This week’s Movie Monday suggestion is the recently-released movie You’ve Got a Friend.

The movie opens with Bobby Graham traveling to his Aunt Gayle and Uncle Jeff’s small-town home in 1976. His parents have died and he’s reeling from the loss.  To compound the pain, Bobby’s dad and his Uncle Jeff, who are brothers, haven’t spoken in years and Uncle Jeff inadvertently allows the animosity to trickle down to Bobby.

Uncle Jeff warns Bobby not to have anything to do with the reclusive, strange, and potentially dangerous Vietnam Vet Jim Klecan (played by John Schneider). All is fine until Bobby wants to build the soapbox derby racing car he and his late father had planned to build before his father’s death and enter it in the local contest. It is then that Bobby discovers that reclusive Jim Klecan was a national soapbox derby winner. Can Bobby convince Jim to help him build his own soapbox derby car? Will Jim allow someone into his life? What will Aunt Gayle and Uncle Jim do when they discover that Bobby has been lying about his whereabouts after school? Bobby isn’t at softball practice, but instead is building a soapbox – something Uncle Jeff views as a waste of time.

This is an enjoyable movie with no objectionable material. There is a lesson to be learned about lying, however it’s not specifically stated how important it is to always be truthful. Many good points abound – loyalty, not judging others, grace, and second chances. I highly recommend this movie for entire families (ages five and up).

I’ve been impressed recently by the movies that “Faith & Family Films” has produced, including You’ve Got a Friend in Me. Join me next week when I review another of their recent movies – The Woodcarver.

I am passionate about finding movies suitable for families. For a complete listing of family movie suggestions and an archive of past reviews from a Christian worldview for Movie Monday, please go to my Mom-Approved Movies Page.

For an archived list of movie reviews, go to my newly created Archived Movie Reviews page. This page will be updated regularly to show all movies included in Movie Review Monday.

Join me each Monday for a new movie review. Until then, have a blessed week!

5 thoughts on “Movie Review Monday – You’ve Got a Friend

  1. Thanks for your movie reviews. I looked at your extensive list of movies and just glancing through I didn’t see the movie, The Letter Writer. I just watched it yesterday. I would say this movie is for teens +, I just loved it. It inspired me and made me cry. I would love to hear your review of this movie. It’s on Netflix, if you have an account.

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