the importance of voting

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As we embark on yet another election, I’m reminded of why it’s not only important, but critical to vote.

  • Voting is a right not every country has. We are blessed to have a say in who governs us. It is our chance to have a voice in the topics that matter most to us.
  • Voting is our duty to our country. We thank those who died for our freedom to vote by utilizing that freedom.
  • Voting is a privilege. A right. A benefit of living in this wonderful country where men and women have given their lives for this right. I have an old saying that I say each year: “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the outcome.”

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This year may be the most important ever for voting. Vote for the issues that are close to your heart. For me, the issues that matter most are pro-life and protecting the unborn, religious liberties, the Second Amendment, standing with Israel, and ensuring that our country remains free and doesn’t fall into the trap of socialism.

Pray for God’s guidance and then get out there and let your voice be heard!

2 thoughts on “the importance of voting

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  2. Fantastic article. In today’s society, we see the encouragement in voting. But what happens if the masses are disconnected from our history, the different forms of government and their causes, the underpinnings of a democratic republic, and how a family relates to a healthy society? What happens if the masses only see the effects, or what they think are the effects, but don’t understand real and lasting solutions? This, you are addressing, and it’s so important that those in the real know share with others and get discussions rolling.

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