Interview and Giveaway with Author Debby Lee!

Giveaway with Debby Lee

I’m excited to have fellow author, Debby Lee, as my special guest this week. Debby has graciously agreed to share a bit about herself and offer a signed copy of The Underground Railroad Brides Collection to one lucky winner!

First, here’s the official synopsis for The Underground Railroad Brides Collection:

Nine historical couples walk the road to love even as they dare to escape and help others break free from the injustices of slavery between 1849 and 1860. From Southern states of Georgia and South Carolina to above the Mason-Dixon Line in Indiana and Pennsylvania, they work within the network known as the Underground Railroad.

Emma Underground by Barbara Tifft Blakey
Follow the Christmas Star by Ramona K. Cecil
Under the Sails of Love by Lynn A. Coleman
The Bakery Bride by Cecelia Dowdy
Place of Refuge by Patty Smith Hall
Free to Love by Terri J. Haynes
The Winter Quilt by Debby Lee
The Song of Hearts Set Free by Darlene Panzera
Freedom’s Flight by Penny Zeller

There is hope for the future when people come together to fight evil, and when men and women find love in the midst of great challenges. And through it all, faith is the key to victory in these stories from nine inspiring Christian authors.

underground railroad picture

The collection is available everywhere books are sold, including your local bookstore, Amazon, Christian Book Distributors, and Barnes & Noble. It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and ebook formats.

Below is the official trailer:

Now on to the interview. Hi Debby, thank you for being my guest. When did you first begin writing?


Thank you for having me! I began writing as a child, in my diary, and short stories for school. I received a diary from my grandmother every year for Christmas, so I guess you could say she pointed me in the direction of becoming a writer.

Ooh, I love the diary connection and your grandmother’s important role in inspiring you to become a writer. So…what is your favorite genre to   write and read?

My favorite genre to write, and read, is Christian historical romance. I love researching different time periods in history, especially the Old West. I read a fair amount of books each year and nearly half of what I read is historical Christian romance. And did I mention that I love watching historical period dramas like Outlander and The Tudors? I guess you can just call me a history nerd.

History is fascinating and so important to know. Let’s switch gears and talk about the Underground Railroad Brides Collection. Tell my readers a bit about your inspiration behind your novella.

My inspiration behind the Underground Railroad Brides collection began years ago as a 4-in1 collection. I had the idea of a particular house that went from the building phase, through the Civil War, and into modern times. It was initially rejected because Barbour was in the process of switching to 9-in-1 novella collections. Undeterred, I reworked the proposal and resubmitted it. The end result, the book we’re talking up today.

I love that you didn’t give up! What a testimony to new writers. I understand that you also have a new book that was recently released. Can you tell us about that book?

My latest release with Barbour Publishing is The Miss Adventure Brides Collection, about seven daring damsels who don’t let the norms of their day hold them back from adventure. My novella in this collection is titled Along the Yellowstone River. My hero in is a fur trapper and the heroine is a Scottish healer.

missadventure brides

Ooh, sounds interesting! I love the Barbour novella collections, and The MissAdventure Brides Collection is definitely one I’ll be putting on my TBR list.

Now, back to The Underground Railroad Brides…Tell us about your novella included in that collection.

My novella in this collection is titled The Winter Quilt and features a cast of characters I invented myself. I gave the heroine and her family the last name Martin, after Martin Luther King. I derived the hero as a carpenter, like Jesus. I also added a few true-to-life historical figures, such as Levi Coffin.

Love that you created your hero to be a carpenter like Jesus! Debby, can you tell us where we can find you on social media?

Absolutely! My links are as follows:

As I mentioned earlier, readers will have a chance to win an autographed copy of The Underground Railroad Brides Collection. Can you share with us how they enter to win?

Yes. Is there someone who worked on the Underground Railroad whom you respect or admire? If so, who are they and why do you respect or admire them? Or, what is your favorite period in history? Leave a comment below answering any of these questions in the comment section and be entered to win a signed copy of The Underground Railroad Brides.

There you have it, blog readers! Leave a comment below in answer to Debby’s questions for a chance to win. The giveaway expires on January 15, 2018 at midnight Pacific time. Please, only United States entries. One winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email.

Debby and I can’t wait to read your comments!




5 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway with Author Debby Lee!

  1. Ooh! I love that period in history. As for a participant in the Underground Railroad whom I respect and admire, I have to say the Quakers fall into that category. They were so ingenious with the way they hid and helped the runaway slaves.

  2. Hello Madi, and thank you for reading the interview. I, too, respect the Quakers for all they did for the runaways. The risks they took were enormous. I won’t give any spoilers here, but I do mention a Quaker in my story. Thank you again for stopping by.

  3. Hallo, Hallo —

    I am so happy I started using my WP Reader again, as I’ve found your lovely blog and this bookaway! It is about a collection of stories I love seeing come together as well as I have a few other collections similar to this but with different topics of focus! Reading INSPY Lit is one of my favourites as they are heartwarming and soul lifting. However, for the bookaway itself – it was asked whom do we respect / admire who worked on the Underground Railroad?

    I would have to say my great-great grandfather! (he might actually be my triple great; I get a bit confused once you get past the first great when it comes to ancestral connections!) — he refused to stop helping them find exodus to the north even if it meant giving up his own land in order to keep his barn as a route on the railroad itself! He also named three of his children after abolitionists – one girl (Harriet Beecher) and two sons.

    I found this slice of personal history rather intriguing but when I expanded a look into the rest of my great-grandfathers (or triple greats) – I found that each of them were doing their part to participate in the Underground Railroad and were each abolitionists themselves!! I apparently have a long history of social justice but what I don’t have of course are the ‘stories’ of these men who took a stand for change in history.

    This is why I try to seek out stories about the Underground Railroad – to try and pin down what they had faced and what they had fought for as they worked hard for the freedom of those who were oppressed. I admire that kind of grit and determined confidence; to make a difference in a generation where it felt like it was impossible.

    I am especially keen on the story she wrote by inspiration of Christ and Dr King; as I loved researching Dr King’s legacy growing up. Thank you for offering this bookaway and even if I don’t win I’ll be seeking out this collection!!

    Many blessings to you both this festive season of Light and Joy!!

    • Hi Jorie, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I loved hearing about your great great grandfather. Good luck in the drawing.

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