every life is valuable

every life

In recent days, I have been deeply saddened by the turn of events in our country.

Those who know me well know that I am a Christian, a conservative who strongly supports religious freedom, the Second Amendment, and the value of life. I am the granddaughter of a former police officer and the relative of numerous veterans who fought for our country. What happened to George Floyd is awful and the officers responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But the horrific and violent protests will not bring him back.

As disturbing as Floyd’s death was, we as a society need to realize there cannot be a double standard on life’s value. Every life is valuable. Every. Single. One. Including:

The 245 million Christians who are persecuted every year (and 4,136 killed every year for their faith).

The 40 million babies who are aborted each year.

The approximately 4.8 million women and children who are sex-trafficked each year.

Want to know whose lives are important? The elderly, the young, the disabled, the blind, deaf, mentally ill, chubby, slim, couch potatoes, athletic people, the ugly, the attractive, the poor, the rich, the homeless, police officers, military personnel, stay-at-home-moms, white collar, blue collar, and everyone in between.

All life is valuable. All shades of life (and yes, I have friends in every shade) are valuable. Why? Because all life is precious to God. Priceless to a Creator who made us in His own image. Who gave His Son for us.

There is no life that is more valuable than any other.

all live is valuable


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