15 verses for strength in challenging times

There is a lot to disagree on these days, but there is one thing we can likely all agree on…this year has been a challenging one.

In more ways than one, stress levels and anxieties have risen. Hope has taken a backseat to despair. Happiness has given way to frustration. Optimism has turned into negativity.

Thankfully, for those of us in Christ, this is not our permanent home. When the day-to-day events turn turbulent, we can turn to the One who loves us and cares about every minute detail in our lives. His promises remind us that His love is steadfast. That He will carry us through the rough waters of life, that when we are burdened, He will take that load from us and take it upon Himself. Jesus is our strength, our anchor, and our stronghold.

Next time you need a boost of strength for these challenging times, flip through the pages of God’s precious Word and find the peace tucked within.

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