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Happy Release Day to Love in the Headlines!

Happy release day to Love in the Headlines! I’m super excited to share Carleigh and Trey’s story with you.

Below is the blurb, but first, a few places I’m guesting this week in celebration of the release:

I’m visiting Inspy Romance and interviewing one of the two top canine characters, Sullivan Theodore IV. If you’d love to read what goes on inside a dog’s mind, pop on over and check out the interview. Share your own funny animal story for a chance to win!

I’m honored to be a guest on fellow author, Bonnie Martin’s blog this week where I’m chatting about writing, mentors, favorite books, and what’s next on the agenda.

On Thursday, May 11, the Celebrate Lit blog tour begins for Love in the Headlines. I’m sharing the inspiration behind the story and will be featured on several blogs. Plus, you could win an Amazon gift card for stopping by.

Love in the Headlines will be featured in the FaithBooks newsletter on May 10 and the Sheep Gate Publishing’s Newsletter on May 12.

And now, the blurb…

Can paper and paw prints draw these two nemeses together?All Carleigh Adams wants is a relaxing evening. But Sullivan Theodore IV, her wayward shih tzu, has other plans. After escaping from home, Sullivan Theodore unlawfully enters what Carleigh assumes is a stranger’s house via a doggy door. Much to Carleigh’s horror, it is actually the home of her coworker and nemesis, Trey “The Irritating” Montgomery.

Trey Montgomery has competed with “Quirky Carleigh,” his top competitor, for the best articles at The Oakville Daily for the past two years. It’s safe to say that she and her criminally-minded pet are his adversaries. Trey’s attempts to keep his distance from her are demolished when their boss thrusts them together as The Oakville Daily Duo, forcing them to work as a team on every. Single. Article.

Petty crimes and crazy shenanigans in Oakville soon draw Carleigh and Trey into doubling as detectives. When dogs, including their own pets, begin to mysteriously disappear, Carleigh and Trey join forces to uncover the culprit. As they work to report the daily news and solve the crimes in Oakville, can these two stubborn reporters find love in the headlines?

Thank you for celebrating with me!

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Writing Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a writing update so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately along with some fun author collaborations and giveaways.

Phew! It’s been a super busy year with Dreams of the Heart releasing in March, followed by the release on Tuesday of Love in the Headlines. It was a fun excursion from the 1800s into the present for Love in the Headlines, and I have another contemporary percolating around in my mind. Stay tuned.

Applications for the launch team for Over the Horizon close on May 15. If you’d like to apply, please go here.

Several other books are releasing this year and into 2024 (most already available for preorder) including:

Love Most Certain (Love Letters from Ellis Creek #3) – June 13, 2023

Over the Horizon (the first book in my new Horizon Series that takes place in 1870s Idaho Territory). – July 18, 2023

When Love Comes (Wyoming Sunrise #3 and the long-awaited story of Charlotte and Tobias) December 5, 2023

Love’s Promise (Wyoming Sunrise #4 and the story of Silas (John Mark’s friend) and Amaya (Russell’s widow) – March 19, 2024

Book #2 in the Horizon Series end of June 2024

I’ve also been blessed to be a part of some amazing author collaborations. Click on the images for more details.

Clean and wholesome romance collection.

Load up your e-reader with these Christian/clean/sweet fiction FREE reads! (Includes An Unexpected Arrival starring Frederick from Love’s New Beginnings).

Have Kindle Unlimited? Zip into summer with these Christian romances all on Kindle Unlimited!

Let’s celebrate mom! Check out this wonderful collection of Christian fiction and nonfiction celebrating mothers and grandmothers!

And last, but not least, check out these current giveaways. Click on the image for details. Please note that all giveaways are for U.S. residents only.

In honor of Mother’s Day, win all of these amazing books for your mom, grandmother, or for you!

Enter to win a paperback or ebook copy (winner’s choice) of Love in the Headlines on Chat with Vera!

Enter to win the book of your choice (below) and an Amazon gift card in celebration of my 14th Blogoversary!

Join me tomorrow for my regularly-scheduled encouragement post. And as always, thank you for reading and following my blog. Have a blessed rest of your week!

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14th Blogoversary Celebration and Giveaway

I am super excited to celebrate the 14th Blogoversary of Random Thoughts from a Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author and want to invite you to enter to win a copy of one of my books and an Amazon gift card.

Back in 2009, I started this WordPress blog on the heels of my third book, 77 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference. My first blog post was titled “Preparing for a Writer’s Conference”. I followed that post with a humorous one about why I wasn’t a cowgirl due to my adventures on a persnickety horse in the Montana wilds.

It soon became clear my blog wouldn’t have just one topic. Rather, as a person with a million tabs open at any given time, my blog would advance forward in a direction that included a plethora of both fun and serious topics. Encouraging posts, devotionals, movie reviews, writing posts, recipes, humor posts, book news, and how-tos have all been included in the lineup over the years.

When God redirected my path to write fiction, I excitedly embarked on creating faith-filled love stories. Christian historical romance is my first love to write, followed closely by Christian contemporary romance. I don’t think I’ll ever return to nonfiction.

However, nonfiction still runs through my veins, and my blog has, and continues to, feature mainly nonfiction posts. I love to encourage others to join me as we grow in the Lord together.

So, in celebration of this monumental milestone, I am hosting a giveaway. The first place winner will receive their choice of any of my available books in paperback or ebook (see below for choices) plus a $25 Amazon gift card. The second place winner will receive a copy of an ebook of their choice from my available books. Entering is super easy.

The logistics:

First place: choice of any of the books below in either paperback or ebook form and a $25 Amazon gift card.

Second place: choice of any of the books below in ebook form.

The winners will have ten days to respond to my email indicating they have won. If I do not hear back, an alternate winner via a random choice by Rafflecopter will be chosen.

Limited to U.S. residents only.

Giveaway ends May 17, 2023.

With the entry options, you can potentially earn up to 21 points for your entry, thereby increasing your chances of winning. One of the entries includes signing up to receive my newsletter. Please be sure to respond to the confirmation email after you’ve signed up for it to count. 🙂

Check out these other two giveaways currently going on right now here and here.

So it is to you, my blog readers, that I extend a heartfelt thank you. Without you stopping by and taking the time to read my posts, there would be no blog. Thank you for sticking with me all these years and for the privilege of your time as you read my posts.

Here’s to another 14 years!

Before you go, check out these other posts:

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It’s cover reveal day for Love in the Headlines!

Can paper and paw prints draw these two nemeses together?

It’s cover reveal day for Love in the Headlines! While I predominantly spend time in the late 1800s, I’m zipping to the present for this lighthearted and fun Contemporary Christian romance read that involves two newspaper reporters, an ornery Shih tzu, and a chew-happy German shepherd along with a host of memorable secondary characters.

Love in the Headlines is set to release on May 9 and is available for preorder at a special price of 99 cents here.

Read on for the blurb and thank you for joining me in celebrating the cover reveal!

All Carleigh Adams wants is a relaxing evening. But Sullivan Theodore IV, her wayward Shih Tzu, has other plans. After escaping from home, Sullivan Theodore unlawfully enters what Carleigh assumes is a stranger’s house via a doggy door. Much to Carleigh’s horror, it is actually the home of her coworker and nemesis, Trey “The Irritating” Montgomery.

Trey Montgomery has had to work with “Quirky Carleigh,” his top competitor for the best articles at The Oakville Daily, for the past two years. It’s safe to say that she and her criminally-minded pet are his adversaries. Trey’s attempts to keep his distance from her are demolished when their boss thrusts them together as The Oakville Daily Duo, forcing them to work as a team on every. Single. Article.

Petty crimes and crazy shenanigans in Oakville soon draw Carleigh and Trey into doubling as detectives. When dogs, including their own pets, begin to mysteriously disappear, Carleigh and Trey join forces to uncover the culprit. As they work to report the daily news and solve the crimes in Oakville, can these two stubborn reporters find love in the headlines?

Faith, plentiful humor, and tender romance round out the latest Christian contemporary romance novel by Author Penny Zeller.

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Happy Bookaversary, a Giveaway, and an Interview with Emilie Crawford Wheeler

A year ago this month,my historical romance, Love in Disguiseofficially made its way from my imagination into book form. Almira “Emilie” Crawford Wheeler was truly one of my favorite female characters to write and I loved her spunk. As with all historicals, research was a necessity. This time, I had the pleasure of researching Aviator Eugene Ely. 

In celebration of the Bookaversary, I’m interviewing Emilie on my blog this week where she discusses pet peeves, embarrassing moments, and a handsome rancher she just met named Thad Evanson. I’m also giving away a signed paperback to one lucky winner and an ebook (gifted via Kindle) to another lucky winner. Go here to enter. And to check out the other giveaways this month, including a chance to win ten books, check out the Book News and Giveaways Page.

Below is the blurb. Scroll for a fun interview with Emilie!

Who knew concealing one’s true identity could be so disastrous?

Who knew asserting one’s independence would cause such embarrassment? If only Almira “Emilie” Crawford Wheeler hadn’t insisted upon carrying her own stack of parcels, she wouldn’t have landed in an unladylike heap on the boardwalk. And what about the half-truth she told the handsome stranger who came to her aid? The stranger she never expected to see again?

Thad Alexander Evanson should have been paying closer attention to the boardwalk, rather than the newfangled automobile motoring down the street. Had he been more astute, a collision with the beautiful parcel-laden stranger might never have happened. And if it never had happened, he wouldn’t have told a partial-truth he figured wouldn’t matter.

Before long, Emilie and Thad are arranging to meet for a noonday meal each weekend in Missoula under the guise of different names. But what happens when their true identities are revealed? When half-truths are exposed? Could God have a plan even in the midst of a tangled web of lies?

Interview with Almira “Emilie” Crawford Wheeler from Love in Disguise

Hello, Emilie. It is great to have you here today. Tell us a little bit about yourself, e.g., parents, siblings, and where you live.

Thank you for allowing me to be your guest. I am 28-years-old and am the only child of Cecelia and Ernest Crawford. I am originally from New York City, but when I married my husband, Newt, we moved to Hollow Creek, Montana, where Newt inherited a sizeable cattle ranch, which included a lovely home with all of the latest amenities.

You go by the name “Emilie”, although your given name is “Almira”. Why is that?

I was named Almira after a relative, and I’ve never been particularly fond of it. Hence my reason for choosing to go by my middle name, much to Mother’s disturbance.

What are your favorite hobbies?

That is an easy one. Gardening, tending to my flower gardens, and driving my 1911 Model T.

Do you have any pet peeves?

Yes. One of my pet peeves is having rogue cattle traipsing through my gardens. The neighbor’s rogue cattle, to be exact. Another pet peeve is that the Montana summers are so dreadfully short. It barely gives me enough time to enjoy my flowers.

Can you share with us a particularly embarrassing moment in your life?

Yes. It happened not long ago while I was visiting Missoula, a few hours from my Hollow Creek home. I just finished shopping for items for the children at the orphanage, as well as, purchasing some of the latest fashions and a new hat at Miss Julia Mathilda’s Fine Dresses. Lo and behold, as I attempted to juggle the towering stack of parcels while walking down Mateer Avenue, the most devastating event occurred. A handsome stranger with the bluest of blue eyes bumped into me, my parcels went flying, and I landed in an unladylike heap on the ground. Not only a huge disaster, but also in an unfortunate turn of events, my new hat was crushed in the catastrophe.

Sounds extremely embarrassing! Let’s change topics for a moment. If you could collect only one thing, what would it be?

I have a fondness for hats, especially those of the wide-brimmed variety with many decorations and ornaments. As the saying goes, a woman can never have too many hats!

Indeed. Do you have a favorite food?

Yes, I have three. Pie à la mode, snickerdoodle cookies, and pancakes.

Any foods you strongly dislike?

Plain cinnamon.

What are some causes close to your heart?

I have three that come to mind. The first is spending time reading to the children at the orphanage. The second is the women’s suffragette movement. The third is, with my dear friends, Joy, Carlotta, and Rhoda, arranging and supporting charity events for missions.

Would you consider yourself conventional or unconventional?

Definitely unconventional!

Are you generally organized or messy?


What are four words friends would use to describe you?

I would have to say strong-willed, determined, generous, and classy.

The Wheeler Ranch is an extensive operation. Can you tell us about your employees?

Yes, the Wheeler Ranch is quite extensive, and as such, we have numerous employees, mostly ranch hands. Some of my most cherished employees, whom I also consider friends, are Vera, my housekeeper; Morris, my butler; Hattie, my maid; and Jep, one of my ranch hands. Vera and Morris are an elderly couple, have been married forever, and are my closest confidants. Hattie is a delightful young girl with a dramatic flair. She is fond of Jep, a tall and lanky young man with vibrant orange hair.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

With the exception of my close friends, Vera and Morris, no one else knows I have developed a fondness for a rancher I met in Missoula named Thad Evanson.

Sounds intriguing. Do you plan to see more of him?

Yes, absolutely. I look forward to meeting him soon for a noonday meal at the Bellarose Restaurant in Missoula.

Thank you for joining us today, Emilie. I

It was my pleasure. Thank you for having me!

This interview originally appeared at

I’ll return next week with my regularly-scheduled blog posts of encouragement. Stay tuned!

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Dreams of the Heart Cover Reveal and a Chance to Win!

I am super excited to announce the cover reveal for Dreams of the Heart! Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Mountain Peak Edits & Design is responsible for this beautiful cover and I can’t wait to share John Mark and Hannah’s story in this second book in the Wyoming Sunrise Series set for release on March 7, 2023.

Read on for the blurb and for a chance to win!

Sometimes the hardest battles take place in the heart.

Poverty and abuse at the hands of her drunkard father leaves Hannah Bane trapped and alone. Without hope, she prays for a miracle just on the off-chance God will hear her. Will the handsome new deputy, who seems to be watching her every move, be Hannah’s one chance to escape the only life she’s ever known?

For as long as he can remember, John Mark Eliason has wanted to be a deputy sheriff. When a job opens in the nearby town of Poplar Springs, he eagerly accepts, but finds his greatest mission won’t be tracking down criminals and bringing justice to the ruthless Wyoming town, but saving a beautiful young woman he barely knows.

Will an unexpected answer to a difficult situation show how love can endure—and even thrive—in an unconventional situation? Or will fear and uncertainty keep two hesitant hearts apart?

In the sequel to Forgotten Memories, author Penny Zeller weaves a tender tale of faith, romance, and humor in a memorable story that reminds us God hears every prayer and has a plan for every life.

Wyoming Sunrise Series
Prequel: Love’s New Beginnings (Lydie and Solomon’s story)
Book One: Forgotten Memories
Book Two: Dreams of the Heart
Book Three: When Love Comes (Late 2023)

The Kindle version of Dreams of the Heart is available for preorder for 99 cents for a limited time.

I’m also giving away a Kindle ebook copy on the day it releases to one lucky winner! Entering is super duper quadruple easy and requires only a few easy steps. Open to U.S. residents only.

Thank you for celebrating with me!

Join me next week for my regularly-scheduled encouraging blog posts.

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Happy Release Day to Love’s New Beginnings!

I am super excited to announce that today is the release day for Love’s New Beginnings and just in time for Christmas!

When I wrote Forgotten Memories, I never imagined it would have a prequel. Lydie and Solomon were delightful secondary characters who will also make appearances in Dreams of the Heart and When Love Comes.

But soon, I heard from readers asking if I would write a book about Lydie and Solomon and how it all began in the Wyoming Sunrise Series.

Before I could ponder whether or not to write a prequel, my characters began to take on a life of their own. Lydie and Solomon were soon joined by a host of secondary characters, including Lydie’s hilarious (and extremely ornery) aunts, Myrtle and Fern.

What began as a short story soon blossomed into a book.

I’m thrilled to have you meet Lydie and Solomon when they first ventured to Willow Falls in the Wyoming Territory all those years ago. Read on for the blurb:

Where it all began…

Lydie Beauchamp recently moved with her aunts—sisters Myrtle and Fern—to the untamed Wyoming Territory. When a teaching position in nearby Willow Falls captures her attention, can she leave her aunts, one of whom just suffered a broken heart, and embark on this new adventure? Will she find the courage to persevere in the midst of challenges, one being a handsome challenge named Solomon Eliason?

Reverend Solomon Eliason has the goal of making a difference. Hired as the pastor of Willow Falls, he must convince the congregation that he is able to undertake the role of a reverend. When he’s nominated to be the adult in charge of the annual prank tradition at the school, he embraces the idea, thinking the new teacher will be an elderly crotchety woman like his former teacher. What he doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that the teacher is far from crotchety and elderly.

When Lydie’s and Solomon’s paths cross in an unexpected way during the prank tradition at the Willow Falls school, can Solomon redeem himself in the eyes of the lovely new teacher?

Take a glimpse into where it all began with Lydie and Solomon’s story in this tender tale that reminds us that God can and does use willing hearts for His purposes.

For a limited time, Love’s New Beginnings is on sale for 99 cents. And to continue you through to Forgotten Memories, it is also on sale for 99 cents. Both books are also available in paperback.

And now, a fun excerpt from Love’s New Beginnings


Wyoming Territory, 1869

Lydie Beauchamp stalked down the dusty streets of Prune Creek, her skirt swishing against her      ankles.

Usually she was a calm and mild-mannered young woman.


But not today.

Today, decorum was the last thing on her mind.

Both Aunt Fern and Aunt Myrtle would have her hide and then some if they knew what she was about to do. “So uncharacteristic of you, child,” Aunt Fern would say. 

“You really ought to remember the proper way to handle disputes,” Aunt Myrtle would admonish.

Even with the thoughts of how her aunts might respond if they found out, Lydie’s fury was about to spring to life.

Lydie passed the barber shop, livery, blacksmith, and the church that doubled as a schoolhouse. She marched past the bank, saloon, and post office. Until she reached the mercantile where he stood loading items into his saddle bag.

She wished she was spunky like Aunt Myrtle, rather than quiet and reserved.

Although…quiet and reserved might not be the words he would use to describe her once she unleashed her thoughts about the whole ordeal.

“Miss Beauchamp, of what do I owe the pleasure?” The man in his forties with a black handlebar mustache removed his hat, revealing a large balding spot in his otherwise graying black hair.

“You know exactly why I’m here, Mr. Wilkins.” Lydie did her best to raise her voice, but it still came out squeaky like that of a young child’s. She would need to work on that if she was ever going to be a teacher and deal with wayward pupils.

Mr. Wilkins smirked. “Now, now, young lady. You know full well it wasn’t ever going to work between your aunt and me.”

“But Aunt Fern moved here to the Wyoming Territory just so the two of you could marry. And now you have called off the wedding two days before the event.” She placed her hands on her hips and did her best to glower.

Apparently it was not very convincing, because Mr. Wilkins only laughed.

“South Pass City is calling me.” He held a hand to his right ear. “That precious thing called gold is calling me. Prune Creek and being married and settling down with Fern are not.”

Lydie had heard of South Pass City and the gold that was to be found in the town a great distance from Prune Creek. But she’d never anticipated Aunt Fern’s intended would be drawn into the lure of hunting for it.

Not that she knew Mr. Wilkins well. To the contrary, she’d only met him a month ago when she and her aunts moved from Minnesota to the wilds of the Wyoming Territory.

“You made a vow to marry Aunt Fern. An honorableman never goes back on his word.” Why did her voice sound so tinny? She cleared her throat and tried again. “You promised to marry her, settle down with her, and make a life with her in Prune Creek.”

Mr. Wilkins shook his head. “She may have misunderstood. Look, Miss Beauchamp, I have a lot of riding ahead of me if I want to make some headway before nightfall. Sorry you’re upset and all about Fern, but this is the way it is. She’ll find someone else.”

But Lydie had an inkling Aunt Fern would never find someone else, for her heart was broken beyond repair.

“But, Mr. Wilkins…”

“No two ways about it, Miss Beauchamp. I’m not staying in Prune Creek and I’m not marrying Fern.” He swung a leg over the horse and settled into his saddle.

And then that despicable man rode off heading south.

Her eyes smarted with tears. Not because she had failed at convincing Mr. Wilkins to stay and marry Aunt Fern, but because he had hurt someone Lydie cared about more than life itself.

The thundering sound of the stagecoach rumbling down the road toward town shifted Lydie’s focus and she stepped up onto the boardwalk. She closed her eyes as a plume of dust engulfed the air.

Lord, please help Aunt Fern. Help her heart to heal.

Lydie sighed and began her walk toward home before the aunts realized she’d disappeared.


They’d left behind all they had in Minnesota to chase Aunt Fern’s lovelorn dreams. While they hadn’t many possessions at their former residence, they did have a home in which to reside and the aunts had taken in mending and washing to support themselves. Now here in the Wild West, where outlaws perched on every corner, horse thieves and cattle rustlers were the norm, and nothing refined or cultured existed in the dusty town, their futures appeared bleak.

So much for new beginnings.

Books in the Wyoming Sunrise Series:

Love’s New Beginnings – Prequel

Forgotten Memories – Book #1

Dreams of the Heart – Book #2 (scheduled for release March 7, 2023 and available for preorder).

When Love Comes – Book #3 (scheduled for release December 5, 2023 and available for preorder).

Thank you for celebrating with me! Please join me later this week for my regularly-scheduled Christmas post.

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Writing Update: When One Door Closes

In Love’s New Beginnings, one of the main characters, Solomon Eliason, struggles with whether or not he’s where God has called him to be.

Have you ever wondered the same thing?

Yesterday I received an adorable gift from one of my awesome readers, Beth. She’d read my book, Hollyhocks, and found a stuffed animal that was an exact replica of Aunt RudyBee, one of the characters.

I started thinking about God’s plan for my writing career and how He has been with me every step of the way, even in times of doubt, and there were many.

In 2004, when I published Hollyhocks, I thought for sure God was planning to have me write children’s books. And continue as a photojournalist, a career I’d undertaken after I quit my career in social services to stay home with my young daughters.

But God had other plans.

In 2005, He redirected my path when a small publisher picked up a nonfiction book I’d written. Later, in 2008, when my second nonfiction book, 77 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference: Ideas and Activities for Serving Others, was released by Beacon Hill Press, I figured God was leading me along the path of nonfiction. After a flurry of TV appearances, speaking engagements, and numerous radio interviews, it was all but confirmed. Plus, I was still writing nonfiction articles for my photojournalist job. Surely nonfiction would become the gig God wanted me to follow, right?

But God had other plans.

After a door closed on the next nonfiction book, I wondered where God was leading me. Did He even still want me to write?

My family was involved in a serious car accident that, only by His hand, we walked away from it with minor injuries. While I was recovering from those injuries and back-to-back bacterial infections, God redirected my path.

Toward Christian romance.

As I recovered from the injuries and infections, I began to write a historical romance novel, and soon McKenzie became more than just an idea in my mind. After much prayer, I reached out to a publisher. Whitaker House accepted McKenzie and contracted me, not for one, but for three books in the Montana Skies Series. Kaydie and Hailee soon followed.

But then there was a lull for a while after the series. Was God still leading me to write historical romance?

In 2013, I secured an agent, and in 2017 and 2018, I was blessed to be a part of two Barbour Publishing novella collections.

But then there was another lull. What were God’s plans for my writing? During this time, our family had been through a lot. I almost lost my husband after open heart surgery for a hereditary heart condition. The hospital who operated erred and my husband ended up with only one functioning lung. There were also a plethora of other health-related issues, including covid and shingles. My husband also lost his job of nearly two decades.

God is faithful and He brought us through that extremely stressful time in our lives. I’d given Him my writing to do with as He wished when I penned my first book.

But what were His plans?

The wait was hard.

In late 2021, the most exciting thing happened. After an extensive amount of time, Love Under Construction, my contemporary Christian romance novel was released and was the springboard for a barrage of books published in 2022. Historical romance has always been my first love, with a side of Christian contemporary romance, of course.

I recently entertained the thought that God might be calling me to write Christian romantic suspense in addition to historical and contemporary, and two novels were born. But after a couple of very obvious closures on big projects, I again wondered where He would redirect me.

I have those two suspense novels, and I do believe they will see publication someday, but for now, God has kept me on the path of historical romance with a side of contemporary romance.

And I’m fine with that. One hundred percent.

I seek to do what He calls me to and impact lives for Him through my writing. Historical romance is my favorite to write and favorite to read. I pray it’s His will for me to hang-out in the late 1800s (and early 1900s, as is the case for Love in Disguise).

The Lord has closed doors and He has opened them. I’ve received numerous rejections, but He blessed me with the opportunity to release six books in 2022.

And through it all, I pray that I glorify Him with every word written. My prayer is that readers see Him through the words I write.

And speaking of readers, none of this is possible without you.

So what’s next on the agenda? Lord willing, Love’s New Beginnings (Wyoming Sunrise Prequel) will be released on December 13 and Dreams of the Heart (Wyoming Sunrise Series#2) will be released March 7.

When I look back on the past several years of writing, God’s fingerprints on this journey have been evident.

No matter where He leads me in my writing, I pray I heed His direction.

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It’s release day for Freedom’s Flight!

Happy book birthday to Freedom’s Flight!

Below is the blurb:

Annalise Van Houten knows what it’s like to live in an oppressive situation. Sent to live with her conniving aunt and uncle in Ridge Gap, Tennessee, after her parents die, she dreads the plans they have for her future. When she discovers the handsome Reverend Matthias Sorenson assisting runaway slaves, can Annalise convince him to allow her to help?

Reverend Matthias Sorenson has a heart for serving others—and freeing them. An integral part of the Faith Train, he helps free slaves. When a beautiful newcomer to his church wishes to partake in the organization, can he trust her not to endanger their lives?

Lives in jeopardy. A race against time. Will mistrust prove fatal for all involved?

Readers of Christian historical romance will enjoy this exciting tale set in 1850s Tennessee.

You can purchase Freedom’s Flight both in ebook (on sale for 99 cents) and paperback ($5.99) formats. Click on the buttons below for more information or to purchase.

This novella was inspired by the Underground Railroad. From the second I launched into a trip back in time, I was humbled by all of the people who put their lives at jeopardy to free those in slavery.

From harboring them, to moving them along the network, to forming rescue operations, to feeding and clothing them, these brave men and woman made a difference for countless individuals. Many of those involved in freeing slaves were pastors, hence my inspiration for one of the main characters, Matthias Sorenson.

Below are some quotes from readers:

Thank you for joining me for this exciting occasion! Please join me next time for my regularly-scheduled encouragement posts.

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Saturday Spotlight: Christmas at Cotswolds

I am honored to host Author Stacy Simmons on my blog today for this week’s Saturday Spotlight. She is joining with five other authors to bring readers a fabulous Christmas collection titled Keeping Christmas Volume II set for release in just a few days (but available for preorder now!)

Read on for all the details about Stacy’s book Christmas at Cotswolds, the entire collection, and a bit about Stacy.

A peek behind Christmas in the Cotswolds

England has held a special place in my heart for many years. My husband and I went to London on our first anniversary, he’d worked hard in his job and won a contest which included a trip to London to attend Wimbledon and other great experiences. It was a beautiful time for us.

Walking around the historic city and seeing many years old artifacts in London’s Museum of Natural History clung to my memories all these thirty-four years of our marriage as well.

When the idea was proposed by my publisher to do a castle-centered Christmas novella collection, plucky archaeologist Victoria Yates was created. She was a lover of both science and all things Jane Austen. Her romantic counterpart, Duke Oliver Griffith of Wintershold, is an architect and owner of his family’s castle. Thus, my love of historic things, romance, and the gorgeous English countryside came to life on paper.

I’m thankful that the Lord let me write such a story and relive the wonderful memories that I hold dear about my trip to London with my husband.

About the Book

She’s a paleontologist and ardent Jane Austen fan. He’s enmeshed in the exactitude of mathematics, can they find common ground? Do opposites attract, will the romantic castle, and dashing duke be the undoing of Victoria’s plans?

About the Author

Stacy T. Simmons writes uplifting fiction that delights the reader’s romantic sensibilities. Many years of marital bliss are a great contributor. By day she is a Special Education inclusion Paraprofessional. By night, she is happily working on her next manuscript and corraling her and her family’s menagerie of pets she likes to call “Noah’s Ark.”

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