9 memorable Christmas traditions for families

9 christmas traditions

It’s that time of year again! Time to create or revisit holiday family traditions. Need some fresh ideas to add to your family’s list of fun customs for Christmas? Here are some memorable suggestions:

Adopt a family. Many families are struggling this time of year, so our family “adopts” a family and provides a Christmas dinner for them. We include a turkey or ham, stuffing (if we provided a turkey), two cans of vegetables, a bag of potatoes, and a dessert. Alternatively, if your house is big enough, why not invite someone who has nowhere to go for Christmas to your house to enjoy Christmas dinner with your family?

Read the real Christmas story. I love the tradition of reading Luke 2:1-20 on Christmas Day and reflecting on the real meaning of Christmas. A baby born who would one day die for the sins of mankind so they could have eternal life. Have each family member take turns reading verses, or have mom or dad read it in its entirety.

nativity scene.jpg

Go Christmas lighting. From the time our two daughters were toddlers, we have changed into pajamas and loaded into our SUV for a trip around our town to check out the Christmas lights. Each year we vote on a home to win the “Christmas Winter Wonderland Prize.”

christmas llights.jpg

Attend Candlelight Eve Service. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without attending the Candlelight Eve Service at our church. Not only do we attend, but we also make it a point to invite neighbors and friends who may not otherwise know about the event.

Host a treasure hunt. Each Christmas Eve, my husband and I write numerous “sticky notes” with clues on them for each of our girls. We then place them strategically around the house. On Christmas Day, the girls race to find clues, and subsequently, one of their Christmas gifts. Treasure hunts are fun, and if you have a zany sense of humor like the Zeller parents, try to rhyme the clues with silly words.

Collect an ornament a year. When we decorate the tree, I love the memories that go with each decoration. From the time I was born, my grandma, Nanie, would give each grandchild a decoration each year for Christmas. That has expanded into decorations for each great-grandchild. Not only does Nanie supply her grands and great-grands with homemade decorations, but we also pick out a special ornament as a family to add to our tree each year.

Give an ornament to each of your children each year the day after Thanksgiving. Better yet? Encourage your children or grandchildren to create a special Christmas decoration for the tree. Homemade ornaments are by far the best!

Christmas decoration 4

Remember Christmas songs of old. Why not make it a tradition to go Christmas caroling? Around the neighborhood, downtown, in businesses (with the owner’s/manager’s permission) or, better yet, nursing homes would love to have their residents cheered with the voices of carolers. Bring along a few generic wrapped gifts to hand out to those residents who might not otherwise receive a gift. Suggestions may include fuzzy socks, a pretty journal, or fragrance-free hand lotion.

Bake and deliver goodies. Our family enjoys the tradition of making Christmas goodies and delivering them to neighbors and those in our community who have blessed us throughout the year.

Christmas cookies.jpg

Partake in a board game. A friend of mine plays board games with his family to determine who chooses/opens the next Christmas gift.

It’s never too late to start a Christmas tradition that can be passed on to further generations. When your children and grandchildren are all grown, they will have fond memories of the traditions you embraced and cherished as a family.












21 fun Christmas stocking stuffer ideas


stocking stuffers

Looking for some stocking-stuffer ideas this Christmas? Look no further! Here is a list of 21 fun ideas for just about everyone on your list.

  • Have a game lover on your list? The Emoji Uno game is sure to draw some laughs and doesn’t take up much space on the game shelf. Tenzi is another fun family game that is small and convenient for travel.


  • You can’t go wrong with fun snacks. From theater-box sized candy to sunflower seeds, Superseedz pumpkin seeds, or Skinny Pop for the health-conscious individual. One of my personal favorite finds for my chocoholic husband is an allergy-friendly candy bar by Enjoy Life, which is gluten free, nut free, and dairy free.


  • Looking for something totally unique? Check out these alpaca hats. Durable, warm, and lovingly made, they are perfect for that special person on your stocking-stuffer list. While you’re at the website, check out the awesome and unique variety of alpaca socks, gloves, and mittens. There are even alpaca dryer balls. Especially neat because they are made and produced on a small, family-owned alpaca farm.


  • A nice set of Bible highlighters is a hit for anyone wanting to highlight those special verses in the Bible.


  • I would be completely remiss as an author if I didn’t mention books. From fiction romance novels to cookbooks to a small Bible for convenient carrying in a purse, no one can ever have too many books. 🙂


  • A homemade coupon book with coupons for a free car detailing, a massage, homemade dinner, babysitting services, or a variety of other ideas is sure to be treasured. It also is a gift that keeps on giving since the coupons can be redeemed over time.


  • No matter what the age of the person on your stocking-stuffer list, everyone enjoys a warm cozy pair of slippers. These Snoozies are especially warm and comfortable.


  • For the person dealing with sore muscles? The Gofit Polar Roller massage tool is the perfect gift. (The small print: If you are suffering from pain, please check with your doctor before using).


  • A travel pillow is a nifty idea for the person on the go.


  • What about that person on your list with the goofy sense of humor? This Poo-Pouri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray comes in a variety of scents and includes hilarious witty print on the bottle.




  • A journal is a perfect gift. Ones with Bible verses are especially heartwarming.


Christmas presents

  • Have a book lover on your stocking stuffer list? Check out these comfortable (and hilarious!) Periodical Perfection Socks, aka library card socks. This gift is truly unique and sure to draw some great conversations about the good old days when library cards were handwritten and hand-stamped.


  • It wasn’t that long ago that famous authors typed their manuscripts on typewriters. No backspace key to erase, no word count, and no other modern conveniences. Can you imagine? For the sentimental person on your list, check out this box of notebook paper in the shape of a mini typewriter. Perfect for those on-the-go notes, and even includes “watermarks just like vintage typewriter paper.”


  • Have a waffle lover on your list this Christmas? The Dash Mini Maker makes individual waffles, paninis, and hash browns. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, aqua, silver, copper, and white.


  • Winter can bring some pretty nasty things…like ice. These Stabilicers snap on to the bottom of shoes and provide more traction on slippery days. A great gift idea for  just about anyone.



  • All right, so I realize it’s winter and in some places of the country (where I live, included!) flip flops are not a wise choice for navigating your way through tall snowdrifts. However, there are so many cute varieties of flip flops and (thinking optimistically) summer is just around the corner, right? Besides, a girl can never have too many shoes.


  • You can’t go wrong with a BPA-free water bottle for the exercise enthusiast, or for anyone who wants to stay healthy by drinking more water.


  • Most of us struggle with keeping our earbuds tangle free. This earbud cord wrap, called The Loop, solves the problem. As they say on their website, “Have fun untangling your life!”


**Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary compensation from any of the companies/links listed here. These ideas are merely ideas I have discovered and found to be good ideas for stocking stuffers.