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Happy Father’s Day!

To all you dads out there—Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you to biological dads, adoptive dads, foster dads, granddads, first-time dads, and many-times-over dads. Thank you to men who have filled the role of a godly example for those who don’t have dads, don’t have a good relationship with their fathers, or who have lost their dads.

Thank you to dads everywhere who are doing their best to be a role model to their sons. Thank you to dads who model an example to their daughters of what a godly husband is. The men who do their best to be the kind of husband their wife needs—the faithful, constant, and strong presence in the face of an ever-changing world where it’s sometimes difficult to depend on others.

I am grateful to have grown up with a loving father who took care of his family. His own father was a poor example and not one any boy would want to imitate for a variety of reasons. Dad was the opposite. He loved us and worked hard to provide for us.

I’m also grateful I married a man who is a wonderful father to our daughters. Again, not having a father to emulate, my husband broke that cycle and has cared for and nurtured our girls. He has taught them to have a strong work ethic and to stand up for what they believe. He has encouraged them to learn new things—and to work alongside him as he builds, pours concrete, and fixes items in disrepair. Their skill set is amazing because of him. He has modeled what a strong man looks like and, most importantly, how to share about the Lord with others.

If you didn’t have a kind and caring dad who modeled for you what it means to walk with the Lord, what it means to love and care for those in your life, and what it means to be humble, kind, and patient; if you didn’t have a dad that provided for you or if you never even knew your dad, this day can be a challenge. Rest in the arms of our Heavenly Father who promises to love you unconditionally, even when your earthly father didn’t.

In a world where dads are oftentimes mocked, belittled, and unappreciated, if you are blessed to have a loving father and/or are married to a man who has loved and cared for his children, be sure to tell him how much you love and appreciate him.

Not only this day, but every day of the year.