2023 Reading Challenge

Read a book…

That starts with each letter of the alphabet

That takes place in each of the 50 states

That takes place in a foreign country

Is the next book in your favorite series

That you’ve already read once before

Is a fairytale retelling

Is in the historical romance genre

Is a Christmas book

Takes place in a small town

That was released in your birthday month

With a mountain setting

Is in the contemporary romance genre

Is in the romantic suspense genre

Is a cozy mystery

With a setting of a place you’ve always wanted to visit

With a title that begins with the same letter as your first name

With a title that begins with the same letter as your last name

Was published in the year you were born

Is a 2023 release

Is a classic

Takes place in fall

Is borrowed from your local library

Features food

Where a dog plays a prominent role

Takes place in spring

Is a timeslip

A friend recommended

Takes place in summer

That is written by a local author

Takes place in winter

A friend loaned you

Is an anthology

Is co-authored by two authors

From a new author you’ve not yet read