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Happy New Year!

Thank you, everyone,  for your encouragement and support in 2010. I so much appreciate you! May you all have a blessed New Year and may you all grow closer in your walk with Him.

I found this gem on our church prayer chain…

The New Year
(by Hyacinth Kwatashin)
[Edited/last stanza changes by Chris Long]

2011 – the New year lies ahead –
Like an empty book, unwritten story –
Lord I pray my days be spirit-led
With testimonies of Your Love and Glory.

May I be sensitive to Your calling
Obedient to Your Word and voice
May I walk Your path without falling
Less “feeling” and more by “choice”.

Guard me against all offenses
That would hinder my walk with You
To be sincere and avoid pretenses
Keeping my eternal reward in view.

May I be slow to judge others
But quick to lend a helping hand
When stress and trials do bother
On Your promises help me stand.

In sickness may I claim Your healing
In stress or sorrow – Your joy and peace
Despite circumstances, faith revealing
With strongholds, may I find Your release.

When the year ends and I reflect
On the year right from the start
May I be able to rejoice in victory
May my life – my story – gladden Your heart.