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Movie Monday – Rugged Gold – 11/19/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s family movie suggestion is Rugged Gold.

Martha, a widow, is raising her young son Lloyd with the assistance of her wealthy in-laws. One day, a few years after her husband’s death, Martha attends a seminar where the speaker, a man named Don, asks her out for coffee. Before long, Martha finds herself in love with the rugged gold miner from Alaska.

Fast forward and we see Martha following her new husband Don to the wilds of Alaska. Leaving behind a comfortable life in a fancy house with all of the comforts of the 1950s, Martha is in for a shock when she discovers just how primitive her new life will be. Her son Lloyd is even less thrilled. Lloyd later runs away leading Martha on the rescue of a lifetime. While Don takes the boat and goes in search of Lloyd, Martha, on foot, also searches closer to home for her son. Will she find him in time? What about the grizzly bear that has been seen in the area? When Martha is severely injured, how will she survive alone with Don and Lloyd gone? Is Don even still alive?

Rugged Goldis a movie full of adventure. There are also some great discussion points…

1. About family loyalty and unity – Martha’s in-laws are quick to assist her after her husband’s death and are protective of her when she falls in love again.

2. Obedience – Lloyd’s lack of obedience nearly cost three lives.

3. Marriage – While not every woman would be so eager to leave her comfortable life behind and follow her new husband to a primitive and isolated place, Martha does so with optimism. Don also, while not perfect, is quick to show his love and admiration for his wife.

4. Reliance on God during times of hardship. Although this is not a Christian movie and there are a couple of “nature” themes, it is clear that Martha relies on the Lord.

Rugged Gold is based on a true story found in Martha’s journals. A wholesome older movie with some good discussion points, it fits the bill for family movie night. I would recommend it for ages 12 and over due to some intense scenes including injuries, earthquakes, and a grizzly bear that may frighten younger children.

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