Movie Monday – Beautiful Dreamer – 10-10-11

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s Movie Monday choice is Beautiful Dreamer (Feature Films for Families):

Have you ever just felt like watching a heartwarming and endearing love story? That’s what Beautiful Dreamer is…it’s a touching story of how love can overcome a multitude of obstacles.

Claire’s husband Joe is involved in a plane crash during WWII. Claire is told he is dead and she mourns for who is truly her love of a lifetime (they have known each other since childhood and shared a special bond). She tries to get on with her life, but finds it difficult to forget the man who played such an important role of her life.

A couple years later, Claire is informed that Joe did survive the horrific crash and she goes in search of him. However, when she finds him in another town, she discovers he doesn’t remember her, or any of his life before the crash, for that matter. Does she give up and return home? Or does she pursue him, with the hopes that someday he will remember her and the life they had? Claire chooses the latter.

There are so many things I loved about this movie…first of all, Joe and his flight crew always recite Psalm 91 before flying into battle. It’s clear that faith is an integral part of both Claire and Joe’s lives. Secondly, I love Claire and Joe’s marriage relationship. Thirdly, I loved Claire’s patience, loyalty, and dedication to “bringing her husband back.” She never gives up, although she falters several times.  Lastly, I love how the producers dedicated this movie to a group of soldiers who fought during WWII and give names of those soldiers at the end of the film. May we never forget all of those who have fought and fight daily to protect our freedoms.

This Feature Films for Families tearjerker contains nothing objectionable and is suitable for ages 12 and older due to some scary war sequences and some frightening moments due to Joe’s lack of memory. I would highly recommend it – especially for that special date night with your spouse!