Movie Monday – Saving Winston – 3/5/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s family movie suggestion is Saving Winston

Ashley is a troubled teen who is sent to live with her Aunt Diane after being released from treatment. Ashley adamantly pushes her aunt out of her life. When she discovers a neglected horse, Ashley seeks Diane’s assistance in helping the horse (whom she names Winston) to recover. In doing so, Ashley sees that there is more to life than her own problems. She also sees for the first time that Winston isn’t the only one who is broken.

One of my favorite parts about this movie is the example Ashley’s Aunt Diane sets for her. Diane is a strong Christian who, while not perfect, seeks to live her life for Christ. Diane never preaches at Ashley, but instead shows her what it means to be a Christ follower through her own actions. Diane’s patience, kindness, and compassion do not go unnoticed by Ashley. We also see at the beginning of the movie that Diane is praying for Ashley. It’s a fair assumption that Diane continues to pray for her young niece throughout the entire movie and never gives up on Ashley, even though Ashley stumbles and, at times, yields to temptation.

There are some great discussion points in this movie. Ashley struggles with drug abuse. While on probation, she is instructed to have no contact with her boyfriend. Yet, she makes the mistake of disobeying that order. It is a good example of why the choices we make are so important. They not only affect us, but also affect others. While there is some deep subject matter, I found this movie to be appropriate for those ages nine and up.

Saving Winston is slow at times, but the end result is worth it. This movie has heart and shows how, no matter how broken we are, Jesus still loves us and yearns for us to find salvation and peace through Him.

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