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Love Christian Romance? 52 Books for Free One Day Only!

I rarely post two blog posts two days in a row, but this was just too exciting not to share! An event with 52 Christian romance novels (some pictured below) up for grabs for free doesn’t come around very often.

For you avid readers, there are freebies galore to be loaded onto your Kindle on one day only—today, January 12. You can find all the details here, so be sure to snag some copies of some of the most awesome books by your favorite Christian authors in both historical and contemporary genres!

Check out Faithbooks website for monthly book recommendations.

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Dreams of the Heart Cover Reveal and a Chance to Win!

I am super excited to announce the cover reveal for Dreams of the Heart! Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Mountain Peak Edits & Design is responsible for this beautiful cover and I can’t wait to share John Mark and Hannah’s story in this second book in the Wyoming Sunrise Series set for release on March 7, 2023.

Read on for the blurb and for a chance to win!

Sometimes the hardest battles take place in the heart.

Poverty and abuse at the hands of her drunkard father leaves Hannah Bane trapped and alone. Without hope, she prays for a miracle just on the off-chance God will hear her. Will the handsome new deputy, who seems to be watching her every move, be Hannah’s one chance to escape the only life she’s ever known?

For as long as he can remember, John Mark Eliason has wanted to be a deputy sheriff. When a job opens in the nearby town of Poplar Springs, he eagerly accepts, but finds his greatest mission won’t be tracking down criminals and bringing justice to the ruthless Wyoming town, but saving a beautiful young woman he barely knows.

Will an unexpected answer to a difficult situation show how love can endure—and even thrive—in an unconventional situation? Or will fear and uncertainty keep two hesitant hearts apart?

In the sequel to Forgotten Memories, author Penny Zeller weaves a tender tale of faith, romance, and humor in a memorable story that reminds us God hears every prayer and has a plan for every life.

Wyoming Sunrise Series
Prequel: Love’s New Beginnings (Lydie and Solomon’s story)
Book One: Forgotten Memories
Book Two: Dreams of the Heart
Book Three: When Love Comes (Late 2023)

The Kindle version of Dreams of the Heart is available for preorder for 99 cents for a limited time.

I’m also giving away a Kindle ebook copy on the day it releases to one lucky winner! Entering is super duper quadruple easy and requires only a few easy steps. Open to U.S. residents only.

Thank you for celebrating with me!

Join me next week for my regularly-scheduled encouraging blog posts.

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Happy Release Day to Love’s New Beginnings!

I am super excited to announce that today is the release day for Love’s New Beginnings and just in time for Christmas!

When I wrote Forgotten Memories, I never imagined it would have a prequel. Lydie and Solomon were delightful secondary characters who will also make appearances in Dreams of the Heart and When Love Comes.

But soon, I heard from readers asking if I would write a book about Lydie and Solomon and how it all began in the Wyoming Sunrise Series.

Before I could ponder whether or not to write a prequel, my characters began to take on a life of their own. Lydie and Solomon were soon joined by a host of secondary characters, including Lydie’s hilarious (and extremely ornery) aunts, Myrtle and Fern.

What began as a short story soon blossomed into a book.

I’m thrilled to have you meet Lydie and Solomon when they first ventured to Willow Falls in the Wyoming Territory all those years ago. Read on for the blurb:

Where it all began…

Lydie Beauchamp recently moved with her aunts—sisters Myrtle and Fern—to the untamed Wyoming Territory. When a teaching position in nearby Willow Falls captures her attention, can she leave her aunts, one of whom just suffered a broken heart, and embark on this new adventure? Will she find the courage to persevere in the midst of challenges, one being a handsome challenge named Solomon Eliason?

Reverend Solomon Eliason has the goal of making a difference. Hired as the pastor of Willow Falls, he must convince the congregation that he is able to undertake the role of a reverend. When he’s nominated to be the adult in charge of the annual prank tradition at the school, he embraces the idea, thinking the new teacher will be an elderly crotchety woman like his former teacher. What he doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that the teacher is far from crotchety and elderly.

When Lydie’s and Solomon’s paths cross in an unexpected way during the prank tradition at the Willow Falls school, can Solomon redeem himself in the eyes of the lovely new teacher?

Take a glimpse into where it all began with Lydie and Solomon’s story in this tender tale that reminds us that God can and does use willing hearts for His purposes.

For a limited time, Love’s New Beginnings is on sale for 99 cents. And to continue you through to Forgotten Memories, it is also on sale for 99 cents. Both books are also available in paperback.

And now, a fun excerpt from Love’s New Beginnings


Wyoming Territory, 1869

Lydie Beauchamp stalked down the dusty streets of Prune Creek, her skirt swishing against her      ankles.

Usually she was a calm and mild-mannered young woman.


But not today.

Today, decorum was the last thing on her mind.

Both Aunt Fern and Aunt Myrtle would have her hide and then some if they knew what she was about to do. “So uncharacteristic of you, child,” Aunt Fern would say. 

“You really ought to remember the proper way to handle disputes,” Aunt Myrtle would admonish.

Even with the thoughts of how her aunts might respond if they found out, Lydie’s fury was about to spring to life.

Lydie passed the barber shop, livery, blacksmith, and the church that doubled as a schoolhouse. She marched past the bank, saloon, and post office. Until she reached the mercantile where he stood loading items into his saddle bag.

She wished she was spunky like Aunt Myrtle, rather than quiet and reserved.

Although…quiet and reserved might not be the words he would use to describe her once she unleashed her thoughts about the whole ordeal.

“Miss Beauchamp, of what do I owe the pleasure?” The man in his forties with a black handlebar mustache removed his hat, revealing a large balding spot in his otherwise graying black hair.

“You know exactly why I’m here, Mr. Wilkins.” Lydie did her best to raise her voice, but it still came out squeaky like that of a young child’s. She would need to work on that if she was ever going to be a teacher and deal with wayward pupils.

Mr. Wilkins smirked. “Now, now, young lady. You know full well it wasn’t ever going to work between your aunt and me.”

“But Aunt Fern moved here to the Wyoming Territory just so the two of you could marry. And now you have called off the wedding two days before the event.” She placed her hands on her hips and did her best to glower.

Apparently it was not very convincing, because Mr. Wilkins only laughed.

“South Pass City is calling me.” He held a hand to his right ear. “That precious thing called gold is calling me. Prune Creek and being married and settling down with Fern are not.”

Lydie had heard of South Pass City and the gold that was to be found in the town a great distance from Prune Creek. But she’d never anticipated Aunt Fern’s intended would be drawn into the lure of hunting for it.

Not that she knew Mr. Wilkins well. To the contrary, she’d only met him a month ago when she and her aunts moved from Minnesota to the wilds of the Wyoming Territory.

“You made a vow to marry Aunt Fern. An honorableman never goes back on his word.” Why did her voice sound so tinny? She cleared her throat and tried again. “You promised to marry her, settle down with her, and make a life with her in Prune Creek.”

Mr. Wilkins shook his head. “She may have misunderstood. Look, Miss Beauchamp, I have a lot of riding ahead of me if I want to make some headway before nightfall. Sorry you’re upset and all about Fern, but this is the way it is. She’ll find someone else.”

But Lydie had an inkling Aunt Fern would never find someone else, for her heart was broken beyond repair.

“But, Mr. Wilkins…”

“No two ways about it, Miss Beauchamp. I’m not staying in Prune Creek and I’m not marrying Fern.” He swung a leg over the horse and settled into his saddle.

And then that despicable man rode off heading south.

Her eyes smarted with tears. Not because she had failed at convincing Mr. Wilkins to stay and marry Aunt Fern, but because he had hurt someone Lydie cared about more than life itself.

The thundering sound of the stagecoach rumbling down the road toward town shifted Lydie’s focus and she stepped up onto the boardwalk. She closed her eyes as a plume of dust engulfed the air.

Lord, please help Aunt Fern. Help her heart to heal.

Lydie sighed and began her walk toward home before the aunts realized she’d disappeared.


They’d left behind all they had in Minnesota to chase Aunt Fern’s lovelorn dreams. While they hadn’t many possessions at their former residence, they did have a home in which to reside and the aunts had taken in mending and washing to support themselves. Now here in the Wild West, where outlaws perched on every corner, horse thieves and cattle rustlers were the norm, and nothing refined or cultured existed in the dusty town, their futures appeared bleak.

So much for new beginnings.

Books in the Wyoming Sunrise Series:

Love’s New Beginnings – Prequel

Forgotten Memories – Book #1

Dreams of the Heart – Book #2 (scheduled for release March 7, 2023 and available for preorder).

When Love Comes – Book #3 (scheduled for release December 5, 2023 and available for preorder).

Thank you for celebrating with me! Please join me later this week for my regularly-scheduled Christmas post.

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Forgotten Memories Blog Tour Kickoff: Is Forgotten Memories the Book for You?

The time for the Forgotten Memories blog tour has finally arrived!

Are you ready for book spotlights, author interviews, guest posts, bookstagrams, reviews of the book, quotables, and giveaways?

There are three signed paperback copies up for grabs for three U.S. residents!

All the details in a minute, but first, is Forgotten Memories the book for you?

Do you love…

To read love stories

Stories set in the late 1800s

Stories in the West

Sweet romance

Plentiful humor

Character-driven plots

Strong faith element

Scenes that tug at the heartstrings

Mid-length novels

Tender love stories

Tear-jerking scenes

Hilarious antidotes tucked within the pages of a novel

To curl up and escape in the lives of book characters

Settings in small Western towns

Realistic plot lines

Close-knit families

Memorable characters who stay with you long after the last page

Clean and wholesome reads

If you answered “yes” to the above, Forgotten Memories is, indeed, the book for you!

Below is the “official” blurb:

Some memories are best forgotten…
The Wyoming Territory is rife with lawlessness and disorder, something Annie Ledbetter and her parents discover when their wagon train is robbed. Seven years later, Annie settles into her lifelong dream as a teacher in the small town of Willow Falls. When she meets handsome rancher Caleb Eliason through a humorous misunderstanding, she is quickly drawn to his kind heart and charming smile.

Former outlaw Caleb Eliason embraces his chance at a fresh start. Gone are the days of robbing stagecoaches and wagon trains. When he falls in love with the new Willow Falls teacher, he doesn’t realize they’ve met before—under much different circumstances. When his past comes to light, will it put the growing love between them at risk?

Can forgiveness and redemption heal two broken hearts or will the past keep them from sharing a future?

Forgotten Memories is available wherever books are sold, including the following places:


Barnes & Noble

Your local bookstore

And for a limited time, Forgotten Memories is available for 99 cents on Kindle.

And now, without further ado, here are the awesome stops along the Forgotten Memories blog tour!

Be sure to stop by and leave a comment on the blogs for chances to win!


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Penny Zeller | Tour Wrap-up (Which Character are You, an excerpt, etc.)

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One last detail…below is the first page of the book:

Wyoming Territory, 1877

A fleeting movement caught twelve-year-old Annie Ledbetter’s attention. She squinted at the grove of trees on a distant hill and willed her eyes to focus. A quick flash of something—or someone—appeared. Annie tipped her head to the left and stood on tiptoe, anticipating a better view.

The vacant prairie previously held nothing but miles and miles of grasslands, sagebrush, and the occasional rolling hill.

Until now.

Annie’s feet stalled in the soft dirt as if rooted. Could it be? A man, or maybe more than one man, watched and scrutinized Annie and the rest of the travelers.

But as quickly as the figure appeared, he vanished.

A shiver of fear traveled up her spine.

Don’t forget to stop by the blogs on the tour on their blog stop days and leave a comment for your chance to win one of four copies!

And join me next week for my regularly-scheduled encouraging blog posts!

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Free book!

I’m super excited to announce that Love from Afar is free on Kindle today and tomorrow only! Click here for the Amazon link.

Written especially for those who love sweet Christian historical romances with plentiful humor.

Below is the blurb:

What happens when two little sisters become self-appointed matchmakers?

Best friends Tillie and Lula are tired of watching Tillie’s older sister and Lula’s older brother admire each other from afar. Determined to bring their siblings together, they hatch a most brilliant plan. After all, it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in mischief if it’s for a good cause, right?

Meredith Waller has an excellent reputation as a wedding dress seamstress in the frontier town of Ellis Creek in 1880s Montana Territory. There’s just one problem: all of the wedding dresses she has sewn have been for others. The eligible bachelor options—or at least decent eligible bachelor options—are next to nil in Ellis Creek, and Meredith worries spinsterhood is God’s plan for her.

Gabe Kleeman has recently returned to Ellis Creek. In those three years away, his affection for Meredith Waller, a woman he’s admired from a distance since their former school days, has remained steadfast. But Meredith doesn’t know Gabe exists, and if he doesn’t figure out a way to use the mouth God gave him to tell her his intentions, Meredith may never know.

Can Tillie and Lula’s clandestine plot bring two lonely hearts together?

Feel free to spread the word and happy reading!