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Movie Monday – Civil Love – 10/01/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s Movie Monday suggestion is Civil Love

IMG_0004 (3)Once in awhile you come across a love story to be added to your list of favorites. For me, Civil Love is one of those movies.

Rachel and her two children must find a way to survive on their own after the death of Rachel’s husband a year earlier. A soldier for the Union Army during the Civil War, Rachel’s husband was killed by enemy soldiers. When faced with a proposition to remarry the local sheriff, will Rachel do so, even if it means being married to someone she doesn’t love? And what will she do about the stranger she found injured in her barn? After all, the stranger is a Confederate soldier – just like the ones who killed her husband.

Daniel recently escaped from a Union Army prison. A Confederate soldier from Georgia, Daniel is shot in his attempt to return home. Will he survive the brutal cold? Will he be able to outrun the two men relentlessly searching for him? What happens when he collapses in a barn, only to discover later it is the barn of a woman who has lost her Union Army husband at the hands of Daniel’s fellow soldiers? Will she turn him in to the sheriff?

Civil Love is not only a love story, but it’s also an action story, which makes it perfect for a husband/wife movie night. The characters are real-to-life and the plot is engaging.  Family unity, loyalty, love, honesty, and not judging others are the themes showcased in this movie.

Civil Love contains nothing offensive and I would highly recommend it for those ages nine and over due to a scene showing Daniel’s wound, a scary scene of a burglary, and a shoot-out which might frighten very young children.

I have placed this movie in my library of favorite movies  – thank you SunWorld Pictures for creating enjoyable and wholesome family entertainment!

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Join me each Monday for a new movie review. Until then, have a blessed week!