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Day 6 of the Days of Christmas Book Giveaway Celebration with Lyn Cote & Wendy Young

The Days of Christmas Book Giveaways Continue for a few more days! Have you left a comment for each day for your chance to win? I’ll be announcing winners for each of the days on December 19, so be sure to leave a comment. Remember, anyone can enter, but if you are a confirmed subscriber, you receive two entries! Today, tell us about your favorite Christmas tree for a chance to win the books below!

Today I have two more special guests: my friends Lyn Cote and Wendy Young. I’ve been blessed to be a guest on Lyn’s blog in the past. She will be giving away an ebook copy of her book La Belle Christiane. Wendy Young is offering an ebook copy of her mystery-suspense book Come the Shadows. While I haven’t yet read either book, they both look fantastic!

Below is the blurb for La Belle Christiane:

Can the beautiful daughter of a French courtesan find a love that will last a lifetime?

In the 1770’s, after her mother’s violent murder, Christiane Pelletier flees France. Daughter of a French courtesan to frontier wife to companion of Lady Washington, Christiane moves into the heart of the American rebel elite. But one man in her life can never be forgotten. Once he was her friend. Now he is her enemy. Will he become her destiny? Only God knows.

La Belle Christiane is available where books are sold and at

And the blurb for Come the Shadows:

Come the Shadows

Officer Will Harmon lives a comfortable life in Campbell Creek, North Carolina, where there hasn’t been a murder in seventeen years. When bones are discovered in the old bread factory his life is disrupted but the body only the beginning. Challenges, threats, and surprising mysteries are coming and he will do whatever it takes to protect the life he loves…

Come the Shadows is available at The sequel Red Sky Warning was released on November 29th and is also available now, in paperback and everywhere eBooks are sold.

And now some favorite Christmas memories by Lyn and Wendy-

Christmas Memory by Lyn Cote

The two most special Christmases were #1, my son’s first Christmas when he was only 9 days old. My husband’s grandmother was in her 90’s. And during the gift-opening with his family, she held our little baby as if he were the most precious thing on earth. She called him her “little angel.”

Three years later special Christmas #2 came. I had another December baby, our daughter. I had not thought I would like having babies in the Christmas season. (And now I REALLY knew what it felt like to be like Mary-“great with child.) 🙂 However, night-time feedings were especially lovely when I lit the tree and played Christmas music softly. Two very special times in my life.”

Lyn loves to hear from her readers at

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Christmas Memory by Wendy Young

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of year. With a huge, extended family it’s busy and full of laughter and baked goods (can never forget the baked goods). I have so many memories from this time each year but the one I most like to share is our yearly trek to get our Christmas tree.

I grew up in a split family, with divorced parents. While I was ‘at home’ with both only one house has remained constant throughout my life and that’s the log cabin my dad built and continues to live in to this day. It’s in the middle of open fields and bordered by thick woods on two sides.

Every year , we set aside a day to get our Christmas tree. This wasn’t a trip to a lot, or a store. This was – get the saw, get your gloves, and get moving. We would fan out into the woods and mark good trees we came across. We’d yell back and forth and spend hours traipsing around picking the best one. One year, there was snow on the ground and we had a snowball fight in the midst of our task. We were cold, and often tired, but it was always fun.

I loved being able to say we went out, found, and cut down our tree. Eventually the tradition passed, however. The log cabin in the middle of the fields still has a ‘real’ Christmas tree though it’s no longer cut down as a family. All of us have grown up and moved to our own homes but the memories live on and on the odd year I have returned and helped decorate the tree with the same ornaments that have been hung year after year.

Sometimes we love the changes that come with new Christmases and sometimes we don’t. Each year is unique but the same spirit lives on. The fun is in making new memories while continuing to cherish the old.

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