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Saturday Spotlight: All My Tears by Kathy McKinsey

I am honored to have Author Kathy McKinsey as my guest today on the Saturday Spotlight. She is an amazing author and an inspiration.

Be sure to check out her latest release All My Tears.


All My Tears

Five women search for God’s hope through sorrow and deep troubles.

Meet five women who struggle with life’s deep sorrows. Beth fights to recover from alcoholism and to mend her relationships with her family. Ann doesn’t believe God will forgive her. Kathleen wrestles with a years-old fear and with saving her marriage. Cassie needs to learn to deal with chronic depression. Martie finds herself the single parent of the eight-year-old niece she barely knows when the child’s parents die in a car wreck.

See how God gives them the gifts of hope, healing, and love.


I dedicated my first book, All My Tears, to my mother, Lila Mae Brinkmann. She has been with me since my writing dream began 50 years ago.

From when I handwrote my stories when, because of my visual impairment, I was no longer able to read them for myself. Since, as a teenager, I shamelessly sent out many poems and short stories to magazines. I had a manual typewriter and no way to edit or correct for errors. And until I finally published this first book in 2019, Mom has shared this dream with me.


Kathy’s Amazon Page

Be sure to check out Kathy’s other books, Millie’s Christmas and Gifts of Grace.