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Movie Monday – Flipper – 3/19/12

Today’s movie suggestion is Flipper (original 1963 movie with Chuck Connors and Luke Halpin)…

Take a trip back to 1963 when the original movie Flipper was released. (This movie was ancient by the time I watched it as a child during  TV movie night specials!)  The movie begins with a hurricane threatening the small town where 12-year-old Sandy and his family live. (This scene may be frightening to young children). Later, Sandy finds a dolphin injured in the hurricane, whom he rescues.

Since Sandy’s father is out of town having repairs done on his fishing boat, Sandy doesn’t think twice about placing the injured dolphin, whom he names Flipper, in the fish pen near their home.  Sandy and Flipper bond immediately – so much so that Sandy neglects his chores, and instead spends all of his spare time finding food for Flipper. Sandy learns a hard lesson about obedience and priorities when his father returns.

We borrowed an old VHS copy of  this movie from our church library and my children were excited to watch it. After all, they love dolphins and had enjoyed watching Dolphin Tale. This is a delightful movie about strong family bonds, friendship, and courage. I love how the townsfolk assist each other in times of crisis. It’s obvious no one in the town is well-to-do, yet they join together and give a new meaning to loving your neighbor as yourself.  A charming classic, I recommend this movie for families with children of all ages.

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