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All time Favorite Bumper Stickers

A friend of mine drives a little red older-model van and on her bumper is a faded bumper sticker that reads: Proud parent of a

There once was an an ending to the bumper sticker, but due to time and weather, the last word or words faded away and it was left blank. I laugh every time I see her bumper sticker and try to imagine what it might have said when it was first placed on her red van many owners ago.

Perhaps it was “proud parent of an honor student”


“proud parent of a soccer player” 

or just

“proud parent of a child.” 

I love bumper stickers and have been on the lookout recently for some of the best. Below, in no particular order, are some favorites I’ve come across during my driving travels.

Enjoy this day, compliments of God.

Honk if you love Jesus. Text and drive if you want to meet Him.

My driving scares me too.

Driver carries no cash—he’s married.

I’m only speeding because I really have to poop.

CAUTION! God is at work! Person in progress!

I hate bumper stickers.

Forbidden fruits cause many jams!

Sometimes when I close my eyes I can’t see.

Ever stop to think and forget to start again?

Your mom was pro-life.

Help! Daddy tooted and we can’t get out!

Things haven’t been the same since they changed.

My child is an honor student at the Arkansas State Correctional Facility.

PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

Even Darwin KNOWS God created the earth (now)!

I believe in a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

Wrinkled was not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up.

Notice: Thank you for noticing this notice. Your noticing of this notice has been noticed.

26.2: the number of Oreo cookies I can eat in one sitting.

This vehicle is protected by an anti-theft sticker.

What are some of your all time favorite (clean) bumper stickers?

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