Movie Monday – Drive Thru History (Greece is the Word) 7/23/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author


For this week’s Movie Monday, I am proud to highlight Drive Thru History: Greece is the Word…

Dave Stotts, along with Focus on the Family, Tyndale Publishers, and Coldwater Media, have produced yet another winner in the Drive Thru History Series. Greece is the Word is the second in the series and includes fascinating facts about Athens and Rome, among other places, divided into three segments of approximately a half hour each. Our family enjoyed seeing historical sites and learning, through well-done graphics, the history of several places that Paul traveled during his ministry.

Dave does an excellent job of tying together pieces of the past with unearthed artifacts and preserved architecture, and how it all combines with the historical accuracy of the Bible. One of our favorite things about the Drive Thru History series is the humor that Dave infuses into each segment, which makes learning fun! I would highly recommend this DVD for family movie night, homeschoolers, youth rallies, and anyone over 7 or 8 years old who loves history.