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Battlin’ a ‘Possum, My Personal Encounter with a Marsupial

Penny Zeller, Christian Author
It is my honor to have a special guest this week on my blog, writer Bryan Ridenour. Bryan is here today to share with us a humorous post about his encounter with a possum.

Bryan, thank you for being here. Can you tell my readers a bit about you?

Sure. I am a Christian, husband, father of four children, and serve as a Youth and Children’s pastor at a wonderful church in the heart of the Bible Belt.

After about a twenty-five year hiatus (or longer), I grabbed hold of a pen and notebook and started writing.  As a child, I loved to write short stories, winning a regional competition in the fourth grade.  I tinkered with short stories and poetry throughout high school and college, but then life interrupted my writing aspirations.  A couple of years ago, the writing bug struck again, and I hope to one day be a published children’s author.  (I’ve got the story written and everything…I just need a good publisher, hint, hint.)

Currently, I post new entries at my blog 3 – 4 days per week, sharing thoughts on a myriad of faith-based topics, occasionally delving into the world of conservative political views.  I also write a weekly column for a small town newspaper, oftentimes submitting “tweaked” articles from my blogging musings.  This affords me the opportunity to share spiritual truth to about two thousand households each week…well, unless they immediately line their birdcages with the paper. 🙂

I can attest to the fact that Bryan’s blog is an awesome and inspiring read and worth the time to visit! As a matter of fact, as I mentioned earlier, Bryan is going to share with us his humorous story about his battle with a possum. And now, here’s Bryan...

A few years ago, my family owned a pair of Schnoodles. Some dub these “yapping” dogs, and Shadow and Spook lived up to that classification. On one dark summer night around 1:00 am, the sibling yappers incessant barking caused my wife to elbow me in the ribs.

“Listen to that,” she said groggily. “Can you please go check on the dogs?”

I groaned, rolling out of bed. As I neared the back door, their agitated yips crescendoed, sounding as if both took turns sucking helium from a tank. I peered into the darkness. The silhouettes of the two canines circled the object of their excitement. Half asleep, I eased barefoot into the yard to snatch up the toy both “youngsters” tussled over. As I stooped over, a hissing breath warmed my fingertips. I jerked back and sprinted to the porch.

My adrenaline on overdrive, I stared into the inky black, this time a pair of menacing eyes glowered back…

Read about what happens next (trust me, you won’t want to miss this!) by visiting Bryan’s blog at

Thank you, Bryan, for being my guest! You are welcome back anytime!

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And the winner of Cowboy by Staci Stallings is…

Wow! A huge thank you to everyone who entered to win a copy of Cowboy, the contemporary romance book by Staci Stallings! And a huge thank you to Staci for being my guest.

And now for the winner, who was chosen at random…


Congratulations, Brenda! Staci will be in touch with you soon.

If you haven’t already entered, be sure to leave a comment at for a chance to win Author Zeke Lam’s book.

I’ll be hosting guest Jennifer Slattery on my blog on Thursday, and coming up in a little while today, I’ll be bringing you some laughter with a humor post. Have a great week everyone!