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Ellis Creek Happenings and Character Quiz

Which Ellis Creek character are you?

I’m excited today to share with you some fun Ellis Creek happenings, along with a character quiz.

Christian historical romance is one of my favorite genres to write. Something about spending time in “the olden days” is refreshing and provides a much-needed reprieve from this crazy world in which we live.

And yes, if you guessed that I loved watching Little House on the Prairie re-runs, you guessed correctly.

Love from Afar and Love Unforeseen both take place in Montana in the late 1800s. Ellis Creek is a charming little town where everyone knows everyone else. There are delightful characters, such as Meredith, Gabe, Tillie, Willard, Lula, Gideon, and Mollie. There are more challenging characters, such as Leopold Arkwright. And finally, there are timeless characters, such as Mr. Norman and Widow Jones.

Below is a map of the town and the key places.

Mollie, one of the secondary characters in Love Unforeseen, works at her parents’ mercantile and also writes for the Ellis Creek Journal. I have a sneaking suspicion that sometime in the future she may “graduate” from being a secondary character to a main character.

Below is a recent article Mollie penned about the happenings in Ellis Creek…

Love from Afar and Love Unforeseen are both available in ebook and paperback formats, and Love Most Certain (Book Three in the series) will be available for pre-order in the coming months. More details about both books can be found here and here. Love from Afar is available for purchase here. Love Unforeseen is available for purchase here.

Which Ellis Creek character are you? Go here for the Character Quiz.

And after you’ve taken the quiz, please come back and let me know in a comment how you scored!

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New Book Alert (and an amazing giveaway)

We interrupt this blog for some exciting news…

Today is release day for Love Unforeseen!

I’m thrilled to share with you Tillie and Will’s story. It’s the second book in the Love Letters from Ellis Creek series, but can be read as a standalone.

One of the things I love most about Love Unforeseen and Love from Afar is that they are quick and fun reads. They are sweet romances filled with faith and humor, can be read in one sitting, and are a perfect temporary escape. Below is the blurb:

Will a best friend’s matchmaking scheme be successful?

Tillie Waller finds her life’s purpose in molding young minds as a teacher in Ellis Creek in the late-1890s. While she claims contentment, there is a part of her that longs to marry and be a mother, like her sister, Meredith, and best friend, Lula. But no matter. With her students and books, how could she ever be lonesome?

Willard “Will” Fairbanks has longed to return to Ellis Creek since the day he left the town with his family twelve years ago. When a job offer at Ellis Creek Mill beckons his return, Will eagerly embraces the opportunity. An added bonus? He hopes to reconnect with Tillie Waller, the girl he has always loved—the girl who never felt the same about him.

When Tillie encourages her pupils to write to pen pals in another town, she can’t possibly foresee how such an assignment will impact her own future. Her best friend, Lula, concocts a plan, unbeknownst to Tillie, for Will to become Tillie’s pen pal under a false name. Tillie forms a connection with her pen pal and even dares herself to fall in love.

When she falls in love with both Will and her pen pal, which one will she choose?

Will love unforeseen become a reality for Tillie and Willard?

In other news…

And speaking of sweet romances, Henry and Evaline will be free for download this Thursday and Friday. If you’ve been wanting to take a little journey to the 1960s for a fun visit and a peek into the life of one of Chokecherry Heights’ most beloved characters, here is your chance! Go here for your Kindle download.

Free free to spread the word!

Also, if you love giveaways, especially the chance to win 40+ books or a $500 Amazon giftcard, you’ll want to check this out. I am honored that my contemporary Christian romance novel, Love Under Construction, is a part of this phenomenal Celebrate Lit giveaway!

What’s better than a garden of flowers? How about a garden of books!

It is super easy to enter, and all of the details can be found here:

You will want to hurry because the giveaway ends May 14.

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Also, I’m starting a new Penny’s Peeps street team, and I’d love to have you join me. Interested in learning more? Go here.

Join me for my post Are you an Encourager or Discourager later this week, as well as a Saturday Spotlight with a new author friend. And coming up, I’ll be posting Movie Monday reviews for The Inspectors and God’s Not Dead: We the People.

Until then, have a wonderful rest of your week!

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