Movie Monday – Marriage Retreat – 2/6/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This weeks Monday Movie suggestion is Marriage Retreat

A husband with a gambling addiction,

A wife who is pregnant, but hasn’t yet told her husband because she knows he doesn’t want children; and,

A wife whose workaholic soap-opera- star husband’s priorities are a bit out of order.

Three couples are having problems in their marriage and aren’t even sure if they’ll remain married. What are they do? Enter into the picture a guest couple at church who advertises their marriage retreat. The wives, all friends, feel this retreat might just help their marriages, but aren’t sure how they’ll be able to convince their husbands to attend. Meanwhile, the husbands, also all friends, think the retreat is the ticket to a relaxing vacation of fun in the sun at a beautiful retreat in the mountains.  Now, if they can just convince their wives…

Marriage Retreat is a humorous, and at times serious, look at problems that can plague today’s marriages.  The marriage counselors are a giving pair whose main goal is to serve the Lord through their marriage ministry. The husband is a serious, to-the-point man, who interviews the participants, one-on-one, and leaves each person with a question to ponder.  His wife, on the other hand, is the vivacious, energetic, high-voiced, happy type who balances out her husband’s more somber nature.

This movie is highly recommended and definitely worth the watch and includes, not only some hilarious parts, but also includes some takeaway value for all marriages.  There is nothing objectionable in this movie (although very young children might be frightened when one of the wives gives birth, although nothing graphic is shown).

Better yet, why not invite just your spouse to sit and watch this wonderful movie with you for a date night?

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