28 verses for uncertain times

Life can be a road of uncertainty. Current events have been a definite testament to how things can change in an instant. Fear and discouragement can easily envelop us and take up residence in our lives, even with our best efforts. Thankfully we don’t have to navigate these unsettling times alone.

Amidst the anxiety and fear that grips us during these uncertain times, we must keep our focus on the only One who can give us peace and comfort when all seems lost. The only one – our Savior – who is our true refuge in these turbulent days. Pray for our nation. For each other. For truth and justice to prevail. And remember, for those of us in Christ, this is not our home.

In this installment of The Scripture Series, be encouraged by the following 28 verses found in the precious pages of Scripture. They are the Lord’s promises that we are never alone, that He goes before us, and that He is our shield and our comfort.

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13 verses to comfort the weary soul

Every person you see, whether the grandma at the grocery store, the elderly man at the doctor’s office, the young couple at the restaurant, or the teenager on the bike path – everyone has a struggle. Even if it’s not visible from the pasted smile they offer as you pass.

This year especially has promoted a deep sense of weariness, a fatigue and longstanding exhaustion that leaves our souls longing for comfort. For peace. For relief from the burdens that weigh heavily upon us.

But there is a cure for that weariness. A cure for that burden that bows our shoulders and tempts us to forget the One who can offer that cure.

God’s love is most importantly revealed through His Son’s sacrifice on the Cross so we could have eternal life. His promises are written within the pages of His Word. He knew we would be weary travelers through this life and He offers us this hope and reassures us that we can have peace in Him and that we never walk alone.

Below are 13 verses to comfort the weary soul.

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Mamma, I Need My Pants!

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

Today awesome blogger, Theresa Horton Miller, is stopping by with her delightful post “Mamma, I Need My Pants!”  Enjoy!

Mamma, I Need My Pants!

It doesn’t matter how many times I offer my two-year-old daughter a solution, she has to try to figure it out all by herself before coming to the conclusion she needs help!  With a little patience on my part, it’s just a matter of time before she asks for the help I am so eager to give her.  It’s that innate will to assert her independence.  Fortunately, she will grow out of this stage as we all do…or do we?  Often, I see my own independent reflection in my two-year-old daughter, Alexa.

Alexa, at one point this morning, took off her pants because they “got sticky” and then remained in only a diaper, a shirt, and socks. When it was time to pick her older brother, Robby, up from school I told her we needed to put her pants back on. She replied, “I don’t need my pants.” I proceeded to try and convince her. “Let’s put your pants on first, then we’ll put your pretty shoes on.” “Oh! My shoes!!” she replied enthusiastically as she darted up the stairs to retrieve her “pretty shoes.”  She bounced back down and proceeded to wiggle her little toes into the opening of her first shoe.  I, once again, encouraged her to let me put her pants on first, then her shoes. “I don’t need my pants,” she declared as she pressed her heal down into the shoe. She successfully weaseled both feet into her shoes.  They were on the right feet and they matched her shirt beautifully, just no pants.

Now I’m a believer in natural consequences so, I decided this was not a battle I was going to pick.

“Okay, Alexa, let’s put your coat on then.”

“I don’t need my pants or my coat.”

“Okay, let’s go.” We proceeded out the door.

In a high-pitched shrill, Alexa cried, “It’s windy.”

“Do you need your pants?”

“I need my coat.”

We put the coat on.  “How about your pants?”

“I don’t need my pants.”

We proceeded outside again. She made it all the way to the car, stopped and cried in her high-pitched shrill, “It’s windy!”

“Do you need your pants?”

“I need my hat.”

I went and fetched her hat and put it on her.  “How about your pants?”

“I don’t need my pants.”

She was happy.

Imagine my daughter in 26 degree weather in a coat, hat, socks,shoes, and a diaper.  Half-way down the road I hear from behind me, in that high-pitched, drama-girl, shrill…

“Maaaamaa…I need my pants!”

Oh, the lessons I learn from my two-year-old daughter!  Like Alexa I, too, can be as stubborn with my Heavenly Father as to say, “No thanks, Lord, I have what I need.”  I persist determined to try to figure it out all by myself.  Then when a circumstance overwhelms me I, too, cry out in a panic, “Looooord…I need you!”  Or maybe just some pants…at any rate, I realize that what I need so desperately in a moments time is something that, just maybe, he’s been offering me all along.  Oh, the love and patience of my Heavenly Father when I realize—my way has, once again, fallen short of my needs.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”   Philippians 4:19

Theresa is a wife and mother of four from Wyoming. Her passions are primarily with her family and in writing – both of which reflect Jesus Christ, the author of and reason for each of these gifts. Theresa has coordinated her local MOPS group and started a second group in her community last year, which she currently coordinates.  Theresa has written articles for her local MOPS newsletter, for church newsletters and has published in an on-line devotional magazine, Internet Café Devotions.  Theresa authors Heavenly Glimpses blog, where she captures the heart of Christ through glimpses into the life of her children, her marriage, and a humbly inspired heart.  Be sure to visit Theresa’s blog at www.heavenlyglimpses.blogspot.com.