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14 items to include in a DIY car emergency bin

I did an archeological dig today in the “emergency bin” in my SUV. It’s one of those things I rarely (thank goodness!) have had to dig into and, therefore, ancient fossils have accumulated there. Case in point…an old pair of new training underwear and baby wipes. We haven’t needed those in the Zeller household forever! And the old squished roll of toilet paper hidden at the very bottom? Let’s just say I wished I had found that in 2020. I could have become a very rich woman when I sold it on ebay for a cool million!

On a more serious note, it’s always a good idea to have some emergency supplies in your vehicle. Of course, things like jumper cables, a jack, a toolbox, and a fire extinguisher are must-haves. But what about creating a DIY “emergency bin” with these additional items for those times when you might be stranded?

For starters, choose a sturdy plastic bin with a lid. These come in a variety of sizes, and the amount of people in your family will determine how many of some of the items listed below you will need.

Here are 14 suggestions:

First aid kit

A pair or two of hats, gloves, boots, and a warm coat or sweater


Nonperishable snacks


A candle-powered heater

Ice scraper

Diapers and wipes (if applicable)

Flashlight with batteries

A roll of toilet paper


Blankets (these are serve a dual purpose for impromptu picnics or when you find yourself at your kids’ soccer games and there are no bleachers)


Pocket knife

It’s also critical to go through your bin yearly (rather than wait several years as I did!) to toss expired items, replenish used items, and to make any necessary updates.

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