Movie Monday – Samantha: An American Girl Holiday – 4/16/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s family movie suggestion is Samantha: An American Girl Holiday

Based on the books and the American Girl doll, Samantha, this movie takes place in 1904. Samantha Parkington lives with her wealthy grandmother, GrandMary on her beautiful estate. Samantha has previously lost her parents to a tragic accident and settles into her new life. GrandMary is loving, yet strict, and endeavors to teach Samantha all there is to know about growing into a presentable young woman in the early 1900s. Along the way, Samantha has many adventures, including some hilarious times that involve her rude and inconsiderate neighbor, a boy of about her age, who lives with his wealthy mother.

When three young girls and their father are hired to tend to the neighbor’s home as servants, Samantha quickly befriends Nellie, the oldest, and her younger sisters. Samantha teaches Nellie how to read and they become best friends, despite the wide gap in their social and economic status. When Samantha moves to New York to live with her Uncle Gard and Aunt Cornelia, what will become of the friendship between her and Nellie?

This is a wonderful movie and possibly one of my favorite American Girl movies, although it’s a close tie between this movie and other excellent American Girl movies – Felicity, Kit Kittredge, and Molly. (I will be posting reviews for those movies at a later date).

Samantha has a variety of great topics for family discussion. Loyalty, accepting others for who they are, honesty, dealing with grief, and standing up for what’s right (even if no one agrees with you) all top the list. There is a scene in the movie where Samantha, out of desperation, doesn’t display honesty. Is it ever all right to lie and/or to hide the truth?

There is nothing objectionable in this movie, and one of the things I love about Samantha is that it’s a movie for the entire family (yes, dads and brothers too!), although there is a scary part that takes place in a factory that will likely frighten little ones.

Samantha is a movie of hope and of courage and of how just one person can make a huge difference. I highly recommend it!

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