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Movie Monday – Follow the River – 10/29/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s movie Monday suggestion is Follow the River

IMG_0006 (3)It’s the 1700s in Virginia and all seems well for Mary Ingles and her family. She and her husband, Will, have homesteaded on a beautiful piece of land, they have a strong marriage, an adorable son, and a baby on the way.  Residing close by are Mary’s brother and sister-in-law, as well, as her mother. But their lives are about to be turned upside down…

On a calm morning after Will and Mary’s brother, Johnny, leave to mend fences, there is an Indian raid on the homestead. Lives are lost, fires are started, and Mary, her son Thomas, her sister-in-law, Bettie, and another man are kidnapped and taken to a Shawnee Indian village. John and Will return to devastation and form a search party to find their missing family.

Mary is nine-months pregnant during this time, which makes the long grueling walk all the more difficult. What will become of them? Will they be allowed to live? Will Mary ever see her husband again? What happens when the Indian chief takes an interest in Mary? When Mary is sold and separated from her children, what will become of them? Will Mary’s plans to escape be successful?

This is a movie of hope, courage, and strength. It’s also a movie of a strong love between a husband and wife who will do anything to be together again.

This movie contains nothing objectionable, although young children will likely be frightened by the raid scene at the beginning, as well as, a scene where the prisoners are forced to run through a line and whipped.  I would recommend it for those ages 12 and over.

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