Movie Review Monday – The Lost Medallion

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

IMG (4)My suggestion for this week’s Movie Review Monday is The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone.
It’s not often that today’s movie makers produce a movie targeted toward children that includes humor, adventure, drama, a good story line and is wholesome with a good message to boot. The Lost Medallion easily fits that bill.
Alex Kendrick, from Courageous, Fireproof and Facing the Giants, plays Daniel, a man who visits a foster care home to make a donation when he’s roped into the telling the children at the home a story. Actually on his way to a baseball game, Daniel doesn’t have a story in mind and isn’t convinced he should set aside time to tell a story until he sees the three new residents at the home. Three residents who are no doubt struggling with the circumstances in their young lives.
Determined to make a difference, no matter how seemingly small, Daniel embarks on a story that not only engages the imaginations of his audience, but also includes the three new residents as the  main characters.
Daniel tells of a lost medallion that 13-year-old Billy and his widowed father are attempting to find as a promise to Billy’s mom, who lost her battle with cancer. Such determination leads to an adventure of a lifetime for Billy and his friend Allie, who find the medallion and inadvertently slip back into a world 200 years prior. When they lose the medallion to an evil leader, Billy and Allie, along with their new friends, will stop at nothing to retrieve the medallion. And in the process, they experience adventure, excitement, humor, sadness, and some great lessons to learn.
The Lost Medallion has some excellent discussion points. For example, the main characters are taught what it really means to serve others and put others as more important than yourself (Ephesians 6:7 and Philippians 2:3). And while not an overtly Christian film, The Lost Medallion also reminds audiences how important they are to God, how much He loves them, and that He made them each with special gifts and for a purpose. (Psalm 86:15, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 5:8, etc.)
My own children loved this film. Several times they laughed and the entire time they were engaged by this gem of a movie. It contains nothing objectionable, although young children will likely be frightened by some of the adventures the children face and by the evil leader, Cobra.
So, if you’re looking for a movie for the entire family that entertains and leaves an impact, The Lost Medallion may be just what you’re looking for –  and I highly recommended it!
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Movie Monday – The Velveteen Rabbit – 11/7/11

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s family movie suggestion is The Velveteen Rabbit..

As a child, I loved the book The Velveteen Rabbit. My mom would read it to me over and over again and I imagined that I owned the soft floppy-eared velvet bunny.  When our family watched this movie, I was again taken back to a time of imagination and delight.

Toby, who recently lost his mother, is sent by his father to live with his grandmother. Unfortunately, Grandmother has a busy social life that doesn’t include spending time with Toby. He is seen (at first) as a mere inconvenience. His father has no time for him either, and is eager to be relieved of his son so he can tend to his work.

Toby soon discovers the attic and the toys that were played with by Grandmother and his father. Not only that, but he also discovers a very special toy – a velveteen rabbit. He soon becomes attached to the rabbit and, in his imagination, Toby travels to a land of fun, adventure, and camaraderie amongst he and his imaginary friends.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Velveteen Rabbit, which goes back and forth between a movie and animation. It is a tear-jerker and I found myself reaching for a tissue more than once. There are some valuable lessons/discussions to be learned from this movie, including the importance of love and showing that love to those we care about, the importance of priorities (especially for a father who, unable to cope with his wife’s death, is quick to push Toby aside in favor of his work), and the delight of an imagination.

There are a couple parts that very young children will likely find scary; namely, when Toby is mourning the loss of his mom, when Toby loses Rabbit, and when Toby becomes ill. Other than that, I highly recommend this movie to families with children of all ages.

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