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Movie Monday: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again

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From the very first episode of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I was hooked. Imagine my excitement when I discovered the latest installment in the series.

In Home Again, the Postables find a package with what appears to be an expensive vase. Who sent it and who was the intended recipient? After discovering the answers to these questions, they discover a family in dire need of help before they lose their family farm. Will they be able to assist the family in their dream of keeping the farm before it’s auctioned off to the highest bidder? Will they be able to convince one of the daughters who left years ago on bad terms to return home?

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In other news, Norman and Rita receive a visit from Rita’s parents. Things get off to a bad start right away. What can Norman do to make Rita’s father like him?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered boasts great story lines, humor, romance, and a little mystery all thrown into one. There is nothing objectionable – this is truly family fare at its finest. The characters are realistic, the acting superb, and the storylines heartwarming. The only downside in Home Again is one unnecessary use of the Lord’s name in vain.

If you are looking for a series for your next family night, I highly recommend Signed, Sealed, Delivered. But start at the very first episode. It’s quite possible you’ll become an ardent fan as well!


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Movie Monday: Sue Thomas F.B. Eye

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IMGSue Thomas is a deaf woman who can read lips and speak. She’s lived a sheltered life for the most part, so when she’s accepted for a job with the F.B.I. hours from her hometown, she knows she’s embarking on an adventure.

Based on a true story, this series is one of the best I have ever seen and is on my top-ten favorites list of all time.  Sue Thomas F.B. Eye  has everything that makes a movie good – a touch of romance, drama, humor, action, and adventure. What’s more, the writers and producers managed to pull off this feat without the use of the distasteful Hollywood variety of violence, crass humor, foul language, and sexuality.

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye is a wholesome show, but it’s far from dull. Each episode includes the latest case to solve by Sue’s F.B.I. team, which includes:

Sue, a talented lip reader who helps solve many cases, but who struggles with being accepted because of her disability;

Jack, the lead investigator (with a dash of romance between he and Sue);

Lucy, Sue’s best friend and roommate, and the administrative assistant for Sue’s F.B.I. team;

Bobby, the Australian agent with a flair for fighting for the underdog;

Tara, who can figure out just about anything on the computer and is the technology guru of the group;

Demetrius, the serious, yet kind, agent who learns a lesson the hard way about how his workaholic tendencies affect his family; and

Miles, the annoying know-it-all who has it out for Sue in the beginning.

Some of the episodes include some scary parts that may be inappropriate for those under 10 only because of the theme.  One episode “Simon Says” is particularly scary and may frighten those younger than teens.

However, there is nothing objectionable in any of the episodes and Sue Thomas F.B.Eye is a perfect series for the entire family and one of our family’s favorite shows of all time.

I give the Sue Thomas F.B. Eye Series a definite five stars out of five and highly recommend it!

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21 awesome family movies you may never have heard of

Our family is always on the lookout for wholesome family films for our weekly Family Night. Some of the best movies we’ve ever seen have been undiscovered gems we’ve stumbled across by accident.

The 21 undiscovered treasures below are in no particular order. Some are newer and some have been out for awhile, but they all are must-see movies for your next Family Night!

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

Beyond the Mask

The Redemption of Henry Myers (12+)


Finding Normal


The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

IMG (2)

Though None Go With Me

The Gospel of John

Time Changer

IMG_0006 (2)

Last Ounce of Courage

The End of the Spear (13+)

King’s Faith (13+)


Hidden Places

The Perfect Gift

Duma (12+)

IMG_0003 (2)

Seasons of Gray

Christmas Angel

IMG_0005 (2)

No Greater Love

Christmas Oranges

IMG_0004 (2)

Backroads and Lilies

Civil Love

For a listing of other fantastic movies, check out my Mom-Approved Movie List.  Interested in movie reviews? Go to my Mom-Approved Movie Reviews tab.

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Movie Review Monday – 25 all-time favorite family movies

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

I’ve been asked on several occasions to list some of our family’s all-time favorite family movies.

I have to admit that it’s difficult to narrow the list down to just 25!

I’m sure I’ll be including another “favorites” list in the coming months. Believe it or not, there are many great movies out there suitable for the entire family. It just takes a bit of investigating to find them.

I’ve noted on the list below if any movies are appropriate for certain age groups. Some of these movies have archived movie reviews at so be sure to check that as well.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are 25 or our favorites in no particular order:

IMGSue Thomas F.B. Eye (ages 10 and older)

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

End of the Spear (ages 12 and older)

Christmas Angel (Pureflix with Della Reese)

Last Ounce of Courage

Drive Thru History Series

Courageous (ages 12 and older)

The Gospel of John

                                      Clancy (ages 12 and older)

IMG_0001The Christmas Card

Samantha (American Girl)

Fallen Angel (Hallmark)

Follow the Stars Home (Hallmark)

Love Comes Softly


Kit Kittredge (American Girl)

Time Changer

Game Time: Tackling the Past

IMG (2)Though None Go With Me

The Inheritance (Feature Films for Families)

Beautiful Dreamer (Feature Films for Families)

What If

Doc Series

Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke (ages 10 and older)

Sarah Plain and Tall Series (Hallmark)

A huge thank you to the directors, producers, and writers of wholesome films. You are appreciated!

For an archived list of movie reviews, go to my newly created Archived Movie Reviews page. This page will be updated regularly to show all movies included in Movie Review Monday.
For a listing of all mom-approved movies, go here.

Join me each week for a new movie suggestion of recommended movies suitable for the entire family with reviews written from a Christian worldview.

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Movie Monday – Sarah Plain and Tall

Penny Zeller, Christian AuthorIMG (2)I have long been a fan of the Hallmark movies and Sarah Plain and Tall is no exception. Set in Kansas in the early 1900s, this movie has all of the makings of a delightful family movie:  drama, humor, and some adventure.

When Sarah answers an advertisement for a mail order bride, she travels by train to the dusty prairies of Kansas – the opposite landscape from her beloved home by the sea in Maine. When she and widower Jacob meet for the first time, Sarah wonders if she will be able to stay and adjust to her new life. After all, she admits to being outspoken and she’s nothing like Jacob’s wife who lost her life in childbirth.  In addition, while the youngest child, Caleb instantly likes Sarah, the oldest child, Anna takes a dislike to Sarah. Still grieving the loss of her mother, Anna isn’t about to let anyone take the place of her mother in her own heart or in the heart of her father.

Can love be found in the least likely of places?

A touching movie with a dash of sweet romance, Sarah Plain and Tall has quickly become a classic that has been enjoyed for over two decades. This movie left me wishing Hallmark would again return to the treasured storylines it once created movies from – movies which included Fallen Angel, Rose Hill, Follow the Stars Home, The Water is Wide, The Courageous Heart of Irena Stendler, The Magic of Ordinary Days, and Beyond the Blackboard to name a few.

Sarah Plain and Tall contains nothing objectionable and is suitable for the entire family. However, a scene with a windstorm may frighten younger children.  I highly recommended it for your next family night.


For an archived list of movie reviews, go to my newly created Archived Movie Reviews page. This page will be updated regularly to show all movies included in Movie Monday.
For a listing of all mom-approved movies, go here.
Join me each week for a new movie suggestion of recommended movies suitable for the entire family with reviews written from a Christian worldview.
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Movie Monday – Civil Love – 10/01/12

Penny Zeller, Christian Author

This week’s Movie Monday suggestion is Civil Love

IMG_0004 (3)Once in awhile you come across a love story to be added to your list of favorites. For me, Civil Love is one of those movies.

Rachel and her two children must find a way to survive on their own after the death of Rachel’s husband a year earlier. A soldier for the Union Army during the Civil War, Rachel’s husband was killed by enemy soldiers. When faced with a proposition to remarry the local sheriff, will Rachel do so, even if it means being married to someone she doesn’t love? And what will she do about the stranger she found injured in her barn? After all, the stranger is a Confederate soldier – just like the ones who killed her husband.

Daniel recently escaped from a Union Army prison. A Confederate soldier from Georgia, Daniel is shot in his attempt to return home. Will he survive the brutal cold? Will he be able to outrun the two men relentlessly searching for him? What happens when he collapses in a barn, only to discover later it is the barn of a woman who has lost her Union Army husband at the hands of Daniel’s fellow soldiers? Will she turn him in to the sheriff?

Civil Love is not only a love story, but it’s also an action story, which makes it perfect for a husband/wife movie night. The characters are real-to-life and the plot is engaging.  Family unity, loyalty, love, honesty, and not judging others are the themes showcased in this movie.

Civil Love contains nothing offensive and I would highly recommend it for those ages nine and over due to a scene showing Daniel’s wound, a scary scene of a burglary, and a shoot-out which might frighten very young children.

I have placed this movie in my library of favorite movies  – thank you SunWorld Pictures for creating enjoyable and wholesome family entertainment!

I am passionate about finding movies suitable for families. For a complete listing of family movie suggestions and an archive of past reviews from a Christian worldview for Movie Monday, please go to my Mom-Approved Movies Page.

Join me each Monday for a new movie review. Until then, have a blessed week!